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A victimIt’s just great to open the paper every day and want to vomit. Number one because one (company) owns all the newspapers in Eagle County. There’s no competition. Imagine that. This article says one job won’t cut it. Salaries aren’t keeping up with the cost of living in mountain resorts, and you’ve got a three-page article on how hard it is to make ends meet. Why don’t you please put in that three-page article the most important one, being undocumented workers have taken over and have brought our wages down. We need another newspaper here, to print the truth.Poor spendingTo Arn and maybe Peter. 1. I don’t give bicyclists credit for having any common sense when they feel they need to ride on Highway 6. It is now a construction highway for all of your new homes. Isn’t there an extra 10-foot lane on I-70 already? Two dump trucks and a bicyclist. Who will be the loser? 2. In order to make an extra 10 feet on Highway 6 for a designated bike lane, do you really know how much time and money that will take, not to mention the irrigation ditches in the Eagle River you may need to move around? 3. Isn’t taking $1.4 million from your Road and Bridge Department robbing Peter to pay Paul? You start taking money from a department that needs a cushion for plowing ops, the plane rescues, fire responses they have made, flood assistance, not to mention the bike race road repair you have requested in the past, aren’t you biting the hand that may feed you? 4. Jack Ingstadt may have been a lot of things, but if it weren’t for him, this county would not have the financial freedom that you are about to abuse. You start taking money that is there for a reason, you start to jeopardize our county’s stability as a whole. …Roundabout tipI’m calling in regards to the confusion about the roundabouts. I guess people are confused as to what lane to exit out of. Just remember it’s like when you are on I-70. You don’t get off the off-ramp from the left lane, do you? So if you think about it in a roundabout, you won’t have a problem. You exit from the right. That’s one way to think of it.Vail, Colorado

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