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A disgraceWell, there’s another sign that many people should not be living in such a beautiful area. Someone smashes out windows at Tigiwon Lodge. That is, as the headline showed, a disgrace. I wonder if those people realize that the ghosts of the civilian conservation core workers who built that place will be haunting them each night in their dreams. Get your butts up there and fix your damage. That place is a wonderful lodge.Too late”County considers building freeze” is the headline. Commissioners want to slow growth by tightening development policies. I think you guys should have thought about that 20 years ago. Too little, too late. We have ruined and Californicated Eagle County, and no one cares. But now all of a sudden it’s an issue? We train ’emOur latest terrorist bomber was educated at N.C. State. Wow. We train them, and they terrorize the world. Who is the terrorist here? What’s our government doing? Why are we letting all these people into our country? Why are we training terrorists? Those are the answers that need to be sought out. All I can do is pray, and whine to Tipsline.Choosing for me?This message is for Mr. Menconi. I think you have too much free time on your hands worried about banning smoking. It should be the people’s choice. And Arn, not everybody wants to go on a bike ride with you. Can’t we do anything ourselves anymore? My name is Eric Moser. Shocked, appalledI find it hard to believe that the anti-Semitic anonymous tips that were put in today’s paper were able to get published. I’m shocked and appalled.Editor’s note: The caller is referring to a Tipsline critical of Israeli attitudes toward the Palestinians and how the Palestinians are treated.Who needs it?All moms and dads of 5-year-olds entering kindergarten this August need to know that their precious child does not need to attend all day, every day kindergarten. The State of Colorado does not require attendance at school until the age of 7. Don’t believe the propaganda. If you are an active, involved parent, your child will show no ill effects from skipping kindergarten. The Eagle County School District has no business forcing your hand and acquiring your tuition dollars.Can’t use it anywayTo whoever stole my Canon digital camera from my shopping cart at Avon City Market at 5:00 on July 15th, you have probably discovered by now that you have no way to charge the camera, or hook it to a computer. So please return it, and my 102 memories, to the customer service desk at the store. No questions will be asked. Please, please return the camera. Thank you.Vail, Colorado

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