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Look leftTo the older gentlemen in the Vail Resorts Volvo SUV. Don’t forget to yield to your left in the roundabout. Tax loophole?Does anyone want to know why Vail’s sales tax receipts stay so low? Kaye Ferry, take note. I’m calling this is in on Tipsline for obvious reasons. My parents, who could be said to be well off, just came to visit. We went shopping in Vail Village. Every store, and I mean every single store that we went into, the sales person would ask if we were from out of town when we went to make a purchase. When my parents said yes, at the first store, I had no clue what the question was for. Thousands of dollars later, I had it down. The very friendly, helpful staff in the Vail stores would inform my parents that if they wanted to ship their items home, they wouldn’t have to pay any sales tax. Of course they chose this option again and again and again. Maybe some training of employees might work, or is this something the Vail business owner’s are actually telling their employees to do as good customer service. Since there was maybe one staff member who didn’t have a foreign accent, but even she made the same suggestion, perhaps we should hire some Vail locals who care? Who was I to say no to great, cost-saving deals?Look leftTo the older gentlemen in the Vail Resorts Volvo SUV. Don’t forget to yield to your left in the roundabout. Flag tatteredAfter all of the pride and excitement of building the purple flagpole, it’s really a shame that the flag is tattered. The flag deserves more respect than to be faded and tattered. It should be replaced.It’s historyI’m not surprised that the pope doesn’t want you to read Harry Potter books. For centuries, the Catholic Church wouldn’t let you print, read or recite the scriptures. Many were murdered by the church for doing just that. Just check your history of Christianity.Cover all the dogsI’m reading the Vail Daily’s Saturday, July 16, issue, and I cannot believe this. Headline: “Father upset about toy dog found in vending machine.” A Mr. Sanchez put a quarter in a vending machine at City Market and out came a little dog with a pee pee, genitals, and his 5-year-old daughter got upset. If they live here in the Vail Valley, there are hundreds of dogs all over. What are we supposed to do, put underwear on our dogs to cover up their genitals so his little 5-year-old doesn’t see them? This is ridiculous. Now City Market is removing the vending machines because of this one Mr. Sanchez and his sweet little 5-year-old daughter because the little plastic dog has genitals on it? This man needs to get a life. Puhleez.Bit of a scrumI’m a Vail rugby player, and I’m just wondering: Since when do we have to pay to $5 to park to play our own game at the rugby fields? Since when has Vail rugby become a special event? Over the last few years we’ve never had to pay for parking to play in our rugby homes at home. A lot of us have to fork $5 out to park our cars and play our game of rugby, and as it is we struggle with funding and we still have to pay $5. This is on behalf of the Vail Rugby Club. Parking?Way to go, town of Gypsum. You put in a beautiful new amphitheater, and got rid of all the much-needed parking at the park. It was a joke trying to park for Gypsum Daze. The parking at the ball fields is not suitable for someone in a wheelchair, or a child in a stroller. Hopefully, the area where the construction cranes sit is going to be made into a parking structure. It is desperately needed.Too closeThis is a heads up for the driver of a car parked at the FirstBank in Vail on July 15, Saturday night. Thank you very much for parking into my bumper. I was there first, and you decided to park on my license plate. So after about 20 K turns, without doing any damage to your car, I got out. So maybe you should maybe try parking not in a parallel parking situation, but maybe at the parking structure with lines, so you can follow it. That’s just my tip. If you see this car, don’t park near it.Vail, Colorado

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