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Some adviceA few tips to the Gypsum Daze Talent Show coordinators. 1. Limit the acts to 3 or 4 minutes maximum. It is not fair to the other contestants for one act to play much longer than the rest. 2. Limit the kids to one entry each. Maybe some of you parents enjoy seeing your kids up there more than once. The rest of us don’t. This thing is getting painfully long as it is. 3. Fork up some money for a few amplifiers and a drum set, so that each band has equal volume when they play. One should not be obscenely louder than the others. Also, how ridiculous was it that four different bands had to transport and set up four different drum sets? 4. Don’t allow singers to have taped background vocals, so that you can’t tell who is really singing, the tape or the singer. If you can’t sing without background vocals, then you can’t sing. Get over yourself. 5. Next year, get some judges who have at least some musical background, and who appreciate all venues of music, singing, playing an instrument, and playing in a band, to name a few. Maybe you could even have a separate category just for the bands that come there to play, instead of lumping them in with all the other entrants. Just a few suggestions. Hot dogs This is for the idiot who wants to quibble about the legality of leaving a dog in a hot, non-ventilated car. You should be left in a locked car, windows closed tight, in a sunny parking lot during the afternoon when the temperature soars into the 90s outside, and well over 100 degrees inside the car. You make me sick. I certainly hope you are not a pet owner, and if you are, your pet should be taken away and given to responsible, caring owners. Melting potI emigrated 14 years ago into the United States, straight to Vail. I am a local and we are talking about illegal Mexicans and scum, we’re talking about Middle East and terrorism, and we’re putting everyone down. We are a melting pot. Everyone who’s reading this, remember where you come from. You were not from this country. Your heritage is not this country. … If we all work together we can make this happen instead of whining and complaining. Work together, people.Little things add upThis is to the guy on the corner of Eagle Road at the bottom, by the tennis courts. Thanks. The fellow with the tattoo, you walked your dog there with no shirt on and all your tattoos in array. Thank you very much for leaving your feces out there so maybe some little kid can play in it. That’s just great. If you lived in my neighborhood, it would end up on your front door.Vail, Colorado

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