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New turning signal?Hey Ju Ju. Learn how to drive in the roundabouts. You’ve got a lovely middle finger.Bears comingThis is the time of year that our big, furry friends come down and want to munch out on our garbage, and we’re seeing more and more of them. So let’s do them a favor. We don’t want to kill them. And let’s do us a favor. We don’t want to confront them. Everyone start leaving their garbage inside, and if you can’t do that, only put it out on the morning of garbage pickup. They’re starting to come now, and through fall they’re going to be coming down more than you and I want. So we want to enjoy them, but do your part. …AppalledAs a homeowner in Eagle-Vail, I am appalled that two bears were killed because of irresponsible human beings. Next time I hope that the humans are the ones that are trapped and asked to leave. Killing of anything is never a solution. My name is Honoree Everly and I live on Grouse Court in Eagle-Vail.Please stay out for nowMy name is Rick Cook and I represent the new Edwards Skate Park. That park will be opening up in August and I have a big favor to ask the public. I was wondering if you could put it in Tipsline. A lot of people are working very hard to get the park open this August. We need your help. We understand the temptation to jump the fence and skate the areas of the park that have been completed thus far, but doing so, you risk the chance of injury and also damage to the newly poured concrete pieces. This could delay the opening of the park. Please have patience and wait until we are done and open for everyone in August. We appreciate your cooperation.I’m watching for youTo whomever keeps removing my for sale sign on Whiskey Hill, that is illegal and I am now watching you.Huh?Are you still going to have editorials going against the Ginn property outside of Minturn and accusing the town council members of getting their bribes? Now it seems like the Daily is starting to get their bribes, not only in articles, but in rehiring their best reporters so that now they have to scramble. My name’s Lew Meskimen.Editor’s note: No one has accused any Minturn leaders of taking bribes or committing any crimes. Editorially, it should be clear by now we oppose the development.Oh, pleaseGive us a break. This is Eagle County, not some stuffy Eastern city. The Eagle County Planning and Building Department can certainly be professional while wearing nice shorts. I too have had the opportunity to work with the county during Jack’s tenure. Seems to me he was quite casual, too. The guys upstairs in Planning and Building have great legs. Probably the previous caller does not. Professional but casual, in my opinion, does not exclude nice shorts.Way to go, KayeThank you, Kaye Ferry, for your continued diligence on the state of Vail. I enjoyed your history lesson on the saga of Seibert Circle. I agree, benches and potted plants would really do it up just fine! I think at times the powers try to hard to make Vail “different” and in the process lose sight of what is most important – people comfort, safety and enjoyment. Not real estate prices. Keep up the GOOD work.Most drivers greatI’m a 45-year-old mother of two and a longtime Eagle County resident. I love Eagle County and all it has to offer. I also love to get a little exercise over my lunch hour by riding my road bike between Eagle and Wolcott. I want to thank the people who drive that stretch for their willingness to slow down a bit and move over as much as possible to avoid forcing me off the road. The vast majority of drivers are very considerate. My family and I thank you for sharing the road.Vail, Colorado

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