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Eye of the beholderIt’s all in how you read it or see it. The headline “Open space tool threatened” could have just as easily been “Amendment may prevent open space abuse.”We can do betterWhat a shame. Two bears were trapped and killed in Eagle-Vail. That wouldn’t have happened if this great ordinance we have of not putting trash out until the morning pickup would be enforced. Why wouldn’t these bears return for a free meal? The solution is no free meals, not killing the bears.Too cuteI’m calling about the cop that sits on the highway. I drive by him all the time. He’s so cute, and I wanted to know if he’s single, what his name is, if I could get his number, because I really think he’s cute as I drive by him. But I was just wondering why I drive by him and my radar detector never goes off. Maybe he thinks I’m cute, too.Build own townFor once I truly and whole heartedly agree with Don Rogers. It said, “Forget about the survey” and it talked about Minturn. “Survey says Minturn residents prize smalltown charm scenery and the river running through it. Then he asked, what is the town doing with that knowledge? They’re going to sell out the town for more homes upstream than the current population, just for some sidewalks and a new sewer plant.” It will triple Minturn’s population. It will kill our town. It needs to be called Ginnturn. He can start his own town up where it belongs. We have 30 days to sign a petition if our town annexes in Ginnturn, and then that would put it to a vote. So everybody, we should be signing that petition. I like Minturn. I’m not a billionaire, and I’m not a snooty person, and that’s what we’re going to get, and it will triple our population. I’ve got nothing against Mr. Ginn, but I think his town should be separate from ours. Not a clueThe idea of the county commissioners pushing for an ethic code is a joke. I hope they hire an independent consultant to write it, because they don’t have a clue as to what ethics are, and that’s obvious in their behavior.Vail, Colorado

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