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Can only hopeRecent headlines gave four reasons for the exorbitant price of fuel in our beautiful valley. One perhaps is correct. Less competition. Now Happy Valley rumor has it that Magnus Lindholm is planning on putting in both a discount gas station and a discount liquor store on the north side of I-70. After just filling up in Frisco for $2.27 per gallon, all I can say is, please Mr. Lindholm, bring it on, and God bless you. …HardlyExcuse me, but we have to clear something up here. In no way, shape or form is it anti-Semitic to be critical of Israel’s policies towards the Palestinians, even though certain rightwing zealots here in the valley want you to think it is. It is no more anti-Semitic to criticize the racist and extremist policies of certain hard line Israeli politicians than it was anti-German to criticize Hitler in WW II. Any German citizen that dared to criticize Hitler was deemed an anti-German, a heretic, a traitor, even though what they were protesting was Hitler … . Now ironically those same labels are branded on anyone who dares criticize Israel, and that isn’t right. …Vail, Colorado

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