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A spillThis is a big thank you: 87 miles into the 100-mile river ride on Sunday I decided that my face needed to take a slide on Highway 6. Six stitches over my left eye and some good road rash later, I want to say thank you to all the riders that stopped, to all the emergency workers that delivered me to the hospital and to the great emergency room staff at Vail Valley Medical Center, and an especially big thank you to Patrick, my riding buddy. He did not complete the ride so he could deal with getting my bike to Free Wheel Cyclery, getting some food for himself, and picking me up at the hospital. All the best to everyone that helped. Many thanks. T.J.Little late nowI was calling about all the renovation in Vail. The way they’re going about it doesn’t make any sense. They’re going to take all the soul out of the place. The only people who are going to be able to afford to be here are like Aspen, the snobby rich people, or what’s even better are the people that were young and fun in the ’70s now are no fun anymore, so nobody else is allowed to have fun anymore either. Go figure. What they need to do is take one part, either Vail Village or Lionshead, and make one part set up so it attracts young people, the next generation, and make the other part for the ultra rich, snobby people and that way everybody will be happy and you won’t botch yourself out of the market. But what do I know? I just work here.RecyclingI just wanted to share a few thoughts on recycling. Everybody here in the valley would love to recycle, but it’s not convenient. Over the years if you’ve ever lived in a major city, they’ve pretty much got you trained to separate your bottles, aluminum cans and recyclables, so everyone knows how to do it. And when they provided you with another receptacle for your recycling, and you put it out with your trash, it’s very convenient. I realize it costs money and I’ve actually talked to the waste management company. They said that the county does not want to pay for it. Well, if the county has money to pay for a gravel pit as open space, you’d think they would be able to shovel off a couple of thousand dollars a year for something as important as recycling. If made convenient, people will do it, I guarantee it.Minturn sell-outI can’t say enough about Don Rogers’ Quick Takes. What a great little article. He says what are their leaders doing with all that knowledge? Why are they aiming to sell out their town for more homes? Just for a couple of sidewalks and a sewer plant, and ruin our small town charm. Our leaders, most of them, couldn’t find their butts with two hands and a flashlight. Hopefully in April we can get a couple of leaders in their with vision. Minturn is Minturn and Ginnturn is Ginnturn. Make your own town. We’ll sell you some water, maybe, but why don’t you just make your own town and leave us alone?Waste of moneyI just got through reading the wetlands article and I have a hard time swallowing that we’re spending our taxpayers’ money here in the county of Eagle on property that is outside the county. Why not use that money to (create) wetlands in the county, where there are plenty of areas that can be done with that, if that’s such an important issue. Or take that money and use it for benefits for the county employees.What I likeI have to say the best part about the Vail Daily is Tom Wiesen, and history articles like the one on remembering Ranger Brown by Kathy Heicher. Also, Allen Best puts some good comments in there about the history of Eagle County. I’d like to see a little more of that.Owner’s rightsThis is the “idiot” from the front page that was arguing the legality of leaving a dog in a locked car. Obviously the name caller does not know how to read. My first call was in regards to a Tipsline that claimed Animal Control does not care about dogs locked in cars. I pointed out that there was little they could do unless the dog’s life was in danger. I also pointed out that it could be potentially deadly. Perhaps the person, or vigilante should take it upon themselves to free all the dogs locked in cars. They would quickly learn about legality….Ready for MagnusI read with great interest your headline “Living costs fuel gas prices.” I think that article’s a bunch of baloney. Come on, Magnus, step up to the plate, and make sure you put plenty of pumps in because we’ll all buy gas there, and forget about the rest of this gas mafia. …Who’s speeding?So, it’s 2:15 on Wednesday afternoon. I’m driving down I-70 westbound towards Vail, just past the empty cop car sitting there, but I’m doing 65 mph, yet the Vail code enforcement officer just passed me probably doing 75. I guess the town employees don’t have to follow a speed limit. Just thought that was interesting. You know who you are. 2:15 in the afternoon.Rodeo’s cruelJust before I wanted to call Tipsline to suggest that somebody writes an article on the rodeo, and how the animals are treated and that in fact the whole show is about animals being in pain, here is an article about how fun rodeo is. The picture on the front page is this horrible, terrified cow, upside down. Come on people, make a story about rodeos. They’re horrible, they’re cruel to animals. People, wake up.Watch outThis is a warning to people who want to save on sales tax. Regarding the tax loophole call in Tipsline. I was asked by a store in Beaver Creek if I wanted to have my purchase shipped to another state, and when I did, they charged my account and the bottom of the ticket said, “exchange only.” They did not ship the merchandise, and when I came back to the store to use a store credit, which I supposedly had, the store was out of business. So I got cheated out of my money, and was not able to recoup it through Visa, as I paid for it. So beware of these tax loopholes. They don’t always save you money. They could cost you dearly, because I lost several hundred dollars.Wardrobe malfunctionsI could not agree more with the Tipsliner who noticed the decided lack of professionalism in Eagle County employees. The Tipster attributed this marked decline to the departure of Jack Ingstad. However, one need look no further than their very own chairman of the board, Arn Menconi, to see why the employees are simply playing follow the leader. I noticed in last week’s Vail Daily Arn appeared at yet another public function with cycling clothes on. Every time I see him he is wearing inappropriate clothing and acting in a fashion unbecoming a community role model. So, lay off the Planning and Zoning Department at Eagle County. They are merely meeting the very low expectations set by the head honcho of the county. Professionalism is certainly not one of Eagle County’s corporate values.Real humanitarianTancredo is a patriot and a great human being, and has great morals, and he cares deeply about our country. I’d love to see him as president of the United States, and anybody that goes against him, I consider a terrorist. Period. Illegal is illegal, and if they want to kill us, I’d rather just make that place into a parking lot. Vail, Colorado

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