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All wrong

This is to the uneducated historian, aka critic of the Catholic church, who had his tip printed recently. Had you really studied the history of the church, you would know your facts. There are sinners in every denomination. How about the thousands of Catholics murdered in England for refusing to renounce the church and become Anglicans, or the thousands put to death for refusing to become Protestant?

Take a history course in theology. Oh, and the Pope never said anyone couldn’t read the Harry Potter books. At least get your quote correct.

Way to go

I just read the article interview of Pat O’Toole, the owner of the new skateboard shop going in in Edwards, and it is an amazing article, and I honestly think that that would be the best job in town and everyone should go there, because you sound like really great people. So let’s hear it for the new entrepreneurs in the Vail Valley, starting something good for the kids. Thanks, Pat!

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We’ll see

The Town Council of Eagle recently turned down Merv Lapin’s Red Mountain Ranch project, a proposed mixed commercial/residential development. Many citizens opposing the project asked that the 412 acres involved be left with its current agricultural zoning. Perhaps they will get their wishes. …

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