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Into the lightSteve Pope’s commentary in the July 29 Vail Daily regarding keeping politics out of the back room is right on. He couldn’t be more accurate with the way he portrayed it. He could have been a little tougher on the commissioners, because they’re continuing, in my opinion, to violate the sunshine law. If anybody believes that Arn and Peter didn’t talk about that among themselves and that they independently came up with a decision, I’ve got a bridge to sell them. Blame it on BushThis is in response to the religious war item in the Tipsline of July 31. How ignorant you are. The United States is not fighting Israel’s battles. Terrorism has escalated because your president, Stupid W, decided to invade Iraq instead of containing Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan. Your president is responsible for the escalation in terrorism. I would not vote for somebody so stupid.Small things that irkI got a question. Why is it when people are in a farmer’s market or a private area, they stop right in the middle of a walkway and talk on their cell phone instead of going off to the side so people can walk by them?Yeah, more NascarI agree with the Tipsline about “More Nascar.” We need more Nascar, and also they need to cover the Moto-GP races. That’s the European motorcycle race, and it’s like a hundred thousands of fans and everyone in Europe, and being Vail is plastic Bavaria, they’d want to connect with the European stuff. And Superbike results and Formula One. Yeah, that would be great, because there’s a lot of real people living here. We’re not all the conservative Vailites like some people are. We need Nascar. We need all the motor sports covered in the paper.Complacent?I’m just calling about the gas line that was broken in front of the Antlers on Friday. It was busted by a construction company and it was a gas main. Of course, they called Vail’s finest and who shows up? Code enforcement and the fire department. Man, I was sure amazed to notice just how many Colorado and federal safety regulations were broken. Maybe we should count them. No, I think not. There were just too many. The work around the area continued like it was nothing. None of the businesses or the hotels around the area were evacuated. Heavy equipment continued to operate. Looky loos continued to gather. People were walking all over the place. And fire trucks still remained there with the engine running with people walking back and forth. Thank God this wasn’t a national emergency. Just imagine how many lives could have been lost. Run amokThis is a tip for all the losers who write in about keeping dogs on a leash. I say, forget the leashes. Let them all run wild. If you don’t like it, you can move.One got awayTell your kids, any adult that every approaches you, do not approach them. Do not. Run away. Scream, yell. Adults do not need directions. They are trying to get you. This little girl was grabbed, fought her way out of it. Thank God, one got away. Kids, don’t ever approach a car. An adult never, ever, ever needs information from you. Learn from that one.Underwear fatwasI’m afraid that due to Guantanamo Bay and the Abu Ghraib incidents, now even British bobbies feel it is OK to embarrass and humiliate the Islamic extremists. When the British police caught two of the suspected subway bombers (who just happened to be Muslim) they made them strip down at gun point. They made them take off their clothes down to their underwear, on a balcony where we could all see it. How dare they! The bobbies even yelled at these suspects in an assertive tone with a loud speaker! How degrading. What in the name of Allah were they thinking? Didn’t the police know that the bombers were Muslims? Don’t they know that modesty is very important in Islamic culture? Don’t they have any respect for people’s feelings or their human rights? This is torture, pure and simple. … These police officers were acting like cowboys. Instead they should have formed a committee with some “moderate” clerics, professors from Boulder and Jimmy Carter to talk things over and just hold hands. Now due to these policemen’s unilateral actions, some mufti has likely issued underwear fatwas on us all. Thanks a lot. It’s a joke, right?Punch line of the week: “Menconi pushes for ethics code.”Sold out countyReading in the Sunday, Aug. 1, paper that Menconi and Runyon are trying to throw Tom Stone off the Colorado River Water Board. More power to them. Stone’s been misrepresenting this county for long enough. If by some chance they can’t replace them, they ought to just remove him, because no representation’s better than poor representation. It sells out the county.Nice guys, allSunday’s Vail Daily had a long piece about domestic violence. It was one-sided, to say the least. It did not indicate that the reporter talked to any alleged domestic violence perpetrators or their advocates, nor did it otherwise imply that there might be another side to the story. It looks like this reporter, and her editors, are guilty of bias. Saturday’s Vail Daily had a column by Rev. Jack Van Ens about the dangers of not doing nuance, the peril of thinking in stark black-and-white terms, “of not examining tough problems from several angles.” Maybe the people who do these domestic violence reports should take Van Ens’ advice to heart and present a balanced view of the subject.Vail, Colorado

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