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Draining fundsMy question to Arn: Why on Earth would you tap into Road and Bridge Fund reserves to build shoulders on Highway 6 for your cycling pals? Does it not occur to you that Road and Bridge Funds are designated for Eagle County roads and bridges? The recent rock slide in Clear Creek Canyon, last year’s gaping hole in Glenwood Canyon caused by a monster rock fall and the blowout of I-70 near East Vail two years ago are reminders of the kind of damage to roads that can easily occur in the geologically unstable Rocky Mountains. These repairs can be extremely expensive.If Arn drains the county coffers with inexcusable pet projects like shoulder widening on state highways, where will the money come from to fix a county bridge that collapses or a county road that washes away in an unexpected storm?Where’s music?Yeehaw. It’s the Eagle County Fair week again. What’s with the no bands, no music this year? Come on, Eagle County. Please sing to me. Thank you.Never mind realityWhen the Vail Daily cannot create the news, for example a feud between bikers and motorists that’s non-existent, it highlights the mental illness in a 14-year-old boy. The trespassing incident in Singletree represents a family’s tragedy. It is not news. Dorothy Handrin, EDDRN.Worth your whileMy name is Bea Toven. I just wanted to tell you my family has vacationed in Vail for a number of years. But this year I decided to come up for a couple of weeks in the summer. As a lover of the arts, I was really pleased to see what the valley had to offer. In particular, I was really excited to discover the Bravo Music Festival. Monday night, I drove down valley to Eagle and listened to a concert that they presented at the Brush Creek Pavilion. The musicians were absolutely fantastic. Not only did they give a spectacular performance, but the visiting marimbist, Mr. Nikoto, gave a very insightful explanation of the marimba. I enjoyed the concert so much that on Thursday I’m planning on attending the Chamber Classics concert at the Vilar Center at Beaver Creek. It’s great music played by extremely talented artists, and it is well worth your while.Yep, we goofedVail Daily, you want to be the premier paper in town. You can’t even get Brooks and Dunn correct. You got them wrong. Brooks is the dark-haired guy. Get your facts straight before you do anything.Vail, Colorado

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