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He’s the bestI’d really like to thank Don Rogers for his article on the town of Minturn. It’s great, Don. Hit the nail right on the head, except for Tom Sullivan. Tom Sullivan is our best council member, and he will always be a council member, because I will make sure he always gets in. Just because he sold a house, or two of them, made a couple of dollars, that doesn’t make him a bad person. He’s a very good person, family man, and a good friend, and he cares about our town and its people. So keep putting all of your two cents in, but leave Tom alone, because your two cents about the town of Minturn is right on the nose. Also, I think you need to put in what people said about our town manager, and our police department, and why we can’t seem to find a public works director. Could it be that working conditions in the town of Minturn are at an all time low? SkepticalI just read the interesting article about Greg Repetti, the new CEO at Vail Valley Medical Center, and I was particularly surprised at the report to see Vail claiming to be opening a new urgent care in Eagle in partnership with Valley View. The fact is, there’s no construction that’s even begun on this partnership facility. And rather than opening a new urgent care, somewhere two or more years down the line, Vail Valley Medical Center is choosing to close its currently existing and heavily utilized urgent care in Eagle. Instead, the non-profit hospital will lease that medical space to Colorado Mountain Medicine, a for profit, private medical entity, and that group will assume control of the facility on Sept. 1. … To add injury to insult to downvalley folks, in addition to losing this hospital-based urgent care, the medical center is currently planning a near-future move of the urgent care in Edwards further upvalley into Avon. Mr. Repetti, you have your work cut out for you. There are a lot of ill feelings among the downvalley locals about the recent decisions of the hospital, and there is certainly a sense of abandonment down here. It amazes many of us that in this time of huge downvalley growth that the hospital has chosen to reduce services to our population rather than increase them. Slow down, budThis is about road rage. This is for the guy driving the Toyota Forerunner on Highway 6 Wednesday morning, Aug. 3. After you proceeded to pass me on the right, aggressively swerve in front of me, and slow down and then throw metal objects at my vehicle, I just want to let you know that this incident has been reported to the State Patrol, the county sheriff and the town of Eagle Police Department, and you’re being watched. …Thanks?What, no bowling alley? I thought town of Vail was built on recreation. Perhaps a vote should be preceded by research and common sense. How about we get rid of some of those planters in town and have some real sidewalks? Thank you, Town Council. I feel you’re doing a wonderful job, and are probably underpaid for all the abuse you take. Planning and Zoning Commission’s doing a great job.Tennis, anyone?With all the new plans for recreational areas, I do not see any tennis courts included. … Vail, Colorado

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