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Don Rogers–you really nailed it with your editorial, “it’s SOS with Commissioners.” I could not agree with you more. However, there is one point you left out. Yes, Tom Stone and Michael Gallagher clearly were in cahoots. Tom and Michael were not capable of independent thought, and this dastardly duo routinely tromped all over Arn Menconi. However, the record will show that the overwhelming majority of Tom and Michael’s decisions were the right thing for Eagle Count. The development of Freedom Park, the completion of the El Jebel Community Center, the construction of several miles of ECO trails and the expansion of the Eagle County Airport are just a few of those accomplishments. Mean spirited? Yes. Ultimately bad for Eagle County? No.

Here is an inside tip from a long time county employee. After over ten years working here I am astounded by the direction that Peter and Arn are taking this county. For all of my years here we worked with pride to make this a wonderful place whose number one focus was on quality and service. These two clowns are leading this county down a slippery slope. First they ran Jack Ingstad off–now our highly regarded county attorney. Morale is in the gutter. Ethics? What ethics? Arn is so bent on revenge against Tom Stone that he can’t see the forest from the trees. He is consistently late for meetings because he spends all his time biking. Wake up, Eagle County. Take a look at your deteriorating local government.

Tuesday night I heard about 9:30 a large, high-powered rifle shot with the report going off in the Eagle-Vail area and I have not heard or seen anything about it. Itdefinitely was a report, something definitely was shot back out, so that’s about it. Have a good day.

I’m calling in regard to the owners rights comment about the dogs left in the car. I didn’t argue about the legality of leaving your dog in the car, but I am the one who did call in originally about the Toyota truck that had their dog locked in the car…on a hot day, in the sun, for at least 2-1/2 hours, maybe the entire day. You bring up that pets cannot be taken out of a car unless the dog’s life is in danger. Well in excessive heat, yes, dogs lives are in danger, just like humans lives are, so maybe you should consider that to begin with, and second of all, maybe the lazy animal control could have at least left a notice, or some kind of information, explaining the danger of leaving your pet in the car. You take on the responsibility of having a pet, take on the responsibility of treating them correctly. If not, give your pet to someone who cares. Someone like me who actually treats their animal with respect would love to take them out on a hot day in my car but don’t, unless I’m gong to walk them somewhere. So why don’t you get a clue. Legality…that’s just ridiculous. If an animal’s going to die from the heat in the car, just like a child, anybody should have the right to go into that car and get that animal out.This is for dog owners. I have a comment to make about the Edwards walking and bike path, which is the Riverwalk ECO path. A person cannot even enjoy walking on the path because of all the dog feces and urine smell. It is terrible. People do not pick up, and why is it so necessary to have these dogs in town? It’s an injustice to the animals. I don’t blame the dogs. It’s the owners that are at fault, and the rules and regulations are not enforced here at all, of having dogs on leashes or picking up after them. The other day, we were going to the new pond by the college in Edwards, and all we could see from a distance were people with dogs which were in the water also. I thought it was there for people to enjoy, not dogs. Did not even go there then. It seems the dog population has taken over.

Suicide BombersHow would we feel if Native Americans were sending out suicide bombers to punish us for taking their land 200 years ago? Wed be outraged. But what if our land grab was ongoing and there were groups of settlers moving into the Indian reservations, taking still more land? And on top of that, what if the mighty American army was killing several Native Americans each night and we werent hearing about it? It would be a bit more complicated – our outrage would be a little subdued. We’d might realize that we’re the problem. Surely wed demand that the settlers get out of the reservations immediately and our army stop killing innocent people. Ive just described a situation that is analogous to what Israel has done and is doing to the Palestinians. Perhaps Art Kittay might take a bigger more informed view before spouting off about how bad the Palestinians are and how wonderful Israel is. A negative manI’m calling in regards to Mike Cacioppo writing a column for the Vail Daily on Friday. It’s not about whether he’s left or right or whatever, it’s just the fact that he’s a negative man and it’s sad that the Vail Daily would have somebody like him writing for our newspaper and presenting himself in the Vail Valley to all the people that are coming here to visit. He’s just a negative man and he’s always looking to put somebody down, so I just think it’s too bad that the Vail Daily would have chose somebody like him to write.

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