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I read with great interest the big cocaine bust. That’s the monster that lurks in our valley. Every name, all 12 names, were from somewhere else except for one American. There was only one American name, and that person was 19-years-old and obviously hooked on the dangerous drug. So I think it’s time we all figure out who the monster is, where the monster is, and why are our borders open, letting this stuff come across just like water flows down the Colorado River. Can you answer that question? If Tom Tancredo were president, the borders would be more secure, and our police departments wouldn’t be wasting their time dealing with something stupid like cocaine. And don’t sugar coat it, Vail Daily.

You go, Magnus Lindholm. You’re a class act and a capitalist to boot. I think your flag rocks, and your stores have brought long-needed, reasonable prices to the valley. It’s a shame about lack of quality employees, but that’s not your fault. Can’t wait for the discount liquor store, and don’t be discouraged from doing your discount gas station.

It will show the others that their ridiculous rationalization regarding their alleged high costs is just a bunch of hooey. If the rest of your project lives up to your high standards, it will be great. Keep it up. A long time local and big fan.

What a great letter by Tom Sullivan in Saturday’s paper. A rebuttal to Don Rogers. Mr. Sullivan asks Minturn and Red Cliff residents to go to council meetings. I have a hard time going to council meetings, because most of the people in that room make me want to vomit. All I can say is, great job on your letter Mr. Sullivan. I wish in years to come that we place another five or six people on our council with your ethics and ideas, and hopefully in our town government. Then maybe some of us would go to the town council meetings. Until then, I will be praying for all of you, and I’d like to say smile and be joyous, because God truly loves you all.

Today’s online county poll asks if we are concerned about being mugged in the Vail Valley. I for one would love to have someone mug me, because I would make national news, and I have a lot of things to tell our country.

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