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Over the years, I have noticed that you seem to select the most uncomplimentary photos of our teenagers engaged in sports for your paper. Having ones photo appear in the local appear is supposed to be a special treat, not an embarrassing event for a teenager or anyone else. When I saw the photo of Mrs. Ford you selected for Mondays paper, I had to comment. Mrs. Fords contributions to our area are innumerable. She is a beautiful lady, both inside and out, and even though there were probably hundreds of photos of her to choose from, you selected the most unflattering photo of her for your article. Everyone I spoke to about it echoed my sentiments. The article was lovely, but your photo selection showed incredible insensitivity. Please use better judgment in the future.

Im sick to my stomach here reading about Loy Dean Vondette. This guy has got a record about a mile long, and the judges keep releasing him. As far as Im concerned, the judge needs to go to jail and stay in jail for a long time. Also, people like that need to just disappear. If they disappear, then we dont pay for the lawyers, the judges, the jury or the time in prison. Itll save taxpayers a lot of money and people a lot of headaches. So maybe we could get rid of our worthless judicial system. All you judges, you need to go to jail for the crime that you let people get off of and they come out and do it again.

Regarding Peter Knobel and his jail project and him pulling and not revising the plan because hes got animosity and hatred for the town of Vail. Well, Peter Knobels true colors will definitely come out and the council should feel no guilt or feel that they made a wrong decision as for Peter Knobel is showing what he really is made of by his actions. Hes already proved that because he boarded up parts of Crossroads to look like its a condemned building. But of course the town will step in and tell him to take the boards down and now hes pulled his plan because he didnt get his way, so Im sure hes got more tricks up his sleeve with his New York mentality and time will tell in the end who was right and who was wrong. I guarantee you Peter Knobel is wrong when he cant stand up to the plate and overcome the animosity thats been set forth because of not being a negotiator and a community minded, spirited person. So, time will tell.

Good morning and dear Neanderthal. Evolution in theory cannot be proven, however taxes and Christ are a fact. So think about that next time you throw about your evolutionary theory. Thank you and good day.Vail Colorado

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