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I should like to ask the following question. What is the true worth of religion and religious leadership in Eagle County amidst all of this real estate greed and environmental destruction? Thank you.

Im calling about the guys running the backhoe on Pepis Face. Those guys must have stones the size of the falling rocks.I think the animal bridges are a great idea, but whose going to keep the people off them? Thanks.

Im calling in regard to the skate park that theyre building down in Edwards, and I guess I just wanted to put in a message about local skaters to go down and look at this thing and try to complain about getting things changed, because this skate park is being designed by people that do not skate, its being built by people that do not skate, and there are things going on at it that are just atrocious.On one end, where the street plaza is, they put in a gigantic staircase that blocks off other features in the park. For instance, you have a ledge slide that goes down and the runout takes you straight into a staircase, and they built this other colossal ledge right in the middle of the thing that if you get on it and go down the ramp on one side, it sends you right into a staircase, and on the other side you cant even get to it because a staircase is in the way. With all the money thats going on in this, there are just things in it that just do not make sense and things that do not flow together, and I really want to urge local skaters to go down and look at whats happening with this thing and voice their opinion so we can get this thing changed before its too late, because right now these guys are laughing all the way to the bank.

Why are these people in Wildridge complaining about other people short-terming their homes? It says these people are here on vacation, theyre here to party. Wait a minute. Everybody else in Eagle County has got all kinds of neighbors. Weve got 15 snowboarders in a two bedroom, eight illegals in a one bedroom. Come on. Give us a break.Boot the councilAs a 20-year local, I think I have the right possibly to stay this. I think everybody on the Vail Town Council should step down. We need some new blood, some new faces, some younger ideas. The Crossroads project was a fantastic project. It was not too big and it was not too small. I think it would have just made us, being Vail, look like a 5 star resort that we are instead of making Crossroads look like the Sunbird Lodge over in Lionshead. Obviously theyre reconstructing that. Crossroads needs to be done. It needs to have a theater, it needs to have a bowling alley, it needs to have an ice rink. It also needs to have lots and lots of parking. Obviously, only the wealthy people in town can afford parking or can afford a place to park. Thats what all these people on the town council are, wealthy people, and we need to have some more middle class, working people with fresh ideas sitting on this board. Its no wonder Oscar Tang sold that property to a new developer who thought he had the energy and the power to develop that. Obviously theres too much greed and too much egoism on the Vail Town Council. I believe that they should step down, theres probably only one person that should stay on there and I would step up and applaud him, but the rest of the people should step back and we need some fresh blood.

Somebody at the Eagle County Land Use department needs to get a handle on the developing junkyard of old cars and old mobile homes, very unsightly, at the Camp Hale just next to Highway 24 in the area of Nova Guides. Its developing into quite an eyesore of a beautiful recreation area. Hopefully the Vail Daily can do a story on whats going on up there and why all this development seems to be happening into a public, U.S. Forest Service area.Kudos to KayeKudos to Kaye Ferry for an excellent commentary regarding Crossroads. I also was at the same meeting and was totally embarrassed by the logic of some of the Vail Town Council members, particularly Diana Donovan, and just remember this, come election time.PollingId like you to try a new opinion poll. Do women feel safe parking in the parking structures? Also, is Vail becoming a more hostile environment? I think it is. I see it every day. People are just really getting frenetic. Have fun, have a nice day, good luck.Down with KayeKaye Ferry is without a doubt one of the most intelligent and hardest working individuals in Vail, and I have no reason to believe that she has a personal agenda, or wants anything but what is best for Vail, but enough is enough. It is time for the Pope and Mr. Rogers to push her out of her weekly bully pulpit. It is time for Kaye to put up or shut up. It is time for Kaye Ferry to run for town council.Her relentless bashing of council and Town of Vail staff is so tiresome. If Kaye believes she knows what is best for the town, and all those trying to get the job done are failing, she owes it to the community to step up and do something. Her carping from the cheap seats at council meeting and the weekly diatribes in the Daily are obviously not getting the job done.Vail Colorado

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