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Congratulations to the cast and crew of Bugsy Malone Jr. What a fantastic show. Beautiful singing, wonderful dancing. Rebecca Richardson was awesome. She could go on to be a great comic actress. Good luck to all our Eagle County school students in this new school year. Peace and popsicles. Kerry the Ice Cream Lady.

I’m calling about the conditions at the Gypsum Laundromat. The owner should be ashamed of herself. Many people use this facility because they have no choice. Most of the time the machines don’t work and the place is filthy. When you put your money in one coin operated machine you find out that it doesn’t work so you have to try another. I’d just like to tell Kim, clean up your business. Give some consideration to your business.

I’m not going to comment on the Mike Cacioppo article, but I will make a point about the write-up at the end of the article. It states that Mike Cacioppo is a former conservative radio talk show host and newspaper publisher. The key word there is former. The reason he is the former at both is because both his radio show and newspaper failed. It should say: “Mike Cacioppo, a failed conservative radio talk show host and newspaper publisher.”

So now the Vail Daily hires this joker to write a column about how desperate is the Vail Daily to have hired him even though he’s a known failure. I remember Mike always complaining about his tabloid Speak Out being tossed in the garbage. I wonder if Mike will complain now that we will find many Vail Daily’s tossed in the garbage on Fridays now.

This is Cliff Smith in Gypsum. I’m just reading the newspaper here at the airport about a gentleman that seems to be concerned that Jack Ingstad left. That’s the very best thing that could have happened to this county and this airport. We try to make a living out here and it’s been nothing but a hassle for the last couple of years. Every day is harder and harder and harder. The equipment gets destroyed, nobody cares. The favoritism that he had for the larger companies left us poor little Mom and Pop outfits out to dry. Just thought I’d call and voice my opinion. Thank you.

This Tipsline is about fiscal responsibility. The county recently paid a bill to the Grand Hyatt Washington for service in the amount of $1,639.68. Since when is it okay for county employees or elected officials to stay at luxury hotels using taxpayer dollars? It’s bad enough that Commissioner Menconi wants to use all of the road and bridge reserve fund to widen Highway 6 for his bicycle friends when Highway 6 is not even a county road. It also appears he thinks it’s okay to use taxpayer funds for luxury hotel rooms. I would not be surprised to find that the person staying at the Washington Hyatt was Commissioner Menconi himself, since he recently made a trip to Washington, D.C. Thank you.

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