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Interesting headline stating that Hispanic women are slower to join the labor force and citing wages of $9.04 per hour. Well why not? They get $20-25 an hour cleaning houses here, and insist on cash.

I’m calling in on Mike Cacioppo doing a Friday column .The way I figure it is that with all the bad stuff going on in this world and the President not even meeting with the mother of a slain soldier that died in Iraq, that every Friday at least I know I am going to get a huge laugh. We need more humor in the world, and every time I read Cacioppo’s column, I just laugh my ass off. That’s all I got. Thanks.

My tip is for Magnus Lindholm. Everybody out there in the news keeps talking about the rising cost of fuel and what’s going to be done about it. Chop chop, old man. Get that gas station open there at the exit by Wal-Mart. The county needs it. The people need. Hurry up. $2.99 a gallon for diesel is unbelievable.

Raw deal in Vail

Saturday, regular gas at the 7-Eleven in Breckenridge, $2.39. The same day, at the West Vail Shell, $2.81, which by the way they have reduced a local’s discount. Lindholm, please, put in your station.

There’s lots of money to be made out there without raping us. Give us a break.

As evidenced by the reconstruction of the Sonnenalp, the Tivoli, the Vail Village Inn and the Holiday Inn, it seems that people are now invited out to the mountains to look up at buildings.

Isn’t it interesting, how city people will move to the mountains and then write letters to the local newspaper complaining about their neighbors?

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