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Regarding Crossroads. Kudos to Christopher and Lily on Saturdays’ letters to the editors. Well done, guys. We need more people like you, and we’ll watch the elections in November. I think most of those people might not be elected.

As evidenced by the reconstruction of the Sonnenalp, the Tivoli, the Vail Village Inn and the Holiday Inn, it seems people are now invited out to the mountains to look up at buildings.

Saturday, regular gas at the 7-Eleven in Breckenridge, $2.39. The same day, at the West Vail Shell, $2.81, which by the way they have reduced a local’s discount. Lindholm, please, put in your station. There’s lots of money to be made out there without raping us. Give us a break.

I read with great interest “Greedy, greedy valley” by Matt Zalaznick. He made a comment on the ’70s. No snowboarders. No noisy interstate. No Beaver Creek. No Vail Daily. No confusing roundabouts. No lines of skiers. Cars on the Frontage Rd. were non-existent, and we had one undocumented worker in the county, and he was my buddy.

So, if we could go back to all that, I’ll take that any day of the week.

Up with dogs

I have to comment on the person on the Edwards bike path complaining about dog poop and urine smell. You say in one breath that you don’t blame the dogs, but then you ask, why is it so necessary to have dogs in town? It doesn’t make any sense. But I do need you to know that five years ago or less there wasn’t a person on that bike path without a dog. As long as they’re under voice control, they are fine off of a leash, and of course the owners should always pick up after their dogs. I don’t know about the urine, though, but be real.

I suggest that next time you go out for a walk, try checking your attitude at the door, and you might actually enjoy yourself.


This may sound like I’m beating a dead horse, but bear with me. To make the case to go to Iraq, ‘W’ started with WNB. There weren’t any. So he tried the connection to Al Qaeda. There weren’t any. So he switched to freeing the Iraqi people.

Now what red-blooded American patriot wouldn’t want to free oppressed people? It’s brilliant. This morning I heard on the news that Donald Rumsfeld said we should stop calling this war. The moment this administration stops calling this a war, there ceases to be any war dead war wounded or war debt.

Why didn’t they think of this sooner? It’s brilliant. Absolutely inspired.


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