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To the management at Vail Resorts: I was recently privy to some very disturbing information regarding the assassination of some local critters in the Beaver Creek area. Apparently, an employee was encouraged, if not given mandate, to shoot three to five beavers. This whole operation appears to have gone down around the beaver ponds fishing area, where the culprits were acting in a very beaver-like manner.

I’m very sure Ranger Rick wasn’t lying when he taught me that beavers are protective little creatures who make healthy habitat for the rest of the forest community. Thus the name, “busy as a beaver.” So, I’m confused. Clearly the area “Beaver Creek” was named for obvious reasons, so why is it our friend the beaver is being persecuted for being exactly that, a beaver. This is almost on par with the irate fellow in Edwards who wanted someone to take care of the deer who were invading his yard. Wasn’t she just acting the way she evolved to act? Like a deer? My question to anyone actually reading this is, how much longer are we going to allow big brother to act in any way he sees fit?

When are we going to start caring about what’s going on around us and stop unnecessary development and blatant disregard for our beautiful, natural surroundings? Thank you to anyone who read this.

Calling about the local banks in town. The banks are for the corporations. The banks are for the rich. If you’re a local, and you have a small business for example, they don’t really care. They don’t care about locals that work three jobs and have nothing, they’re only in it for the rich and the loans of mansions.

Like me, for example, I had someone rip off $140 through a direct line withdrawal, without my permission. $140, and I walked into an Edwards branch. Those people did not give me the paperwork I needed. Those people did not want to help me in any way, shape or form to get what I needed in order to come up with a solution to get back my $140. I asked the vice president of the bank if she was a Republican. She did not want to answer. Therefore, I had to walk outside and dial 911 and the deputy of Eagle County Sheriff came over and picked up the paperwork I needed to get the ball rolling.

Three weeks later, they took money out of my account again due to theft, so the lady closed my accounts and told me to look somewhere else. I just feel that banks around town want to kick people out of town. They know how, but there’s always another solution. It’s called national banks, and maybe they should give customer service to the local people and quit dealing with the rich, because you’re only in it for a buck. Greed gets you nowhere.

This goes to the little young family that I met on the bike path. I’ve seen you before, and you always told me that your dog is somewhat dangerous and thank God it had some sort of muzzle on it, but yesterday when we encountered each other around 6:30 in the evening, you enjoyed the fact that your dog was trying to attack mine. Yes, mine was off the leash, but mine is very mellow, and he was kind of curious. You walked away and laughed and would not pull your dog away.

When I see you, we will take the other road, but I’m telling you, if you have a little child and you have a killer dog which you seem to enjoy, you’d better get the killer dog out or we’re going to read one of these days how this dog mauled your child. This dog wanted to eat my dog. This is scary. Take your dog. Do not walk him. Take him out where he can be alone. Scared the hell out of me. Thank you.

The other night I acted like an idiot to a service man who came home, and although I didn’t say anything inappropriate, I just wanted to remind all the readers in the Vail Daily that we want to thank all of our service man for everything they’ve done.

I’m calling about how ridiculous the supply lists are for the school around here and how much these kids need. For a family of three, $175 for just supplies is absolutely ridiculous.

If the Mexicans around here would do their part and take responsibility for their supplies needed then the hard working people around here wouldn’t have to cover all that cost. That is incredibly high for supplies. So ridiculous.

Vail Daily, Vail, Colorado

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