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Can’t wait I was just calling in response to something I read the other day about complaining about the skate park being built. My response is not to complain and be excited and look forward to the opening of the park. Everything in the world, there’s something wrong with that, and if there’s something wrong with the park, you don’t have to skate that park. But the rest of the park looks super, super fun, and it’ll be good for all the kids and the older guys, and I can’t wait to see everyone there.Vision problemThis is to Town Councilwoman Diane Donovan. Diane, when Helen Keller was asked if there was anything worse than losing your eyesight, she replied yes, losing your vision. Diane, you’ve lost your vision. It’s time to retire. Leave Vail to the next generation.Simply put …To the writer of “Hispanic cash.” If you wanted to do that job, you too could make $25 cash an hour. Simply put, if you don’t have something good to say, shut up.Deeply disappointedMy name is Thomas Kirk. I’m an Air Force veteran of the Korean and Vietnam wars. This morning as a part of the VFW, I attended the funeral services of Lance Corporal Evenor Herrera in Eagle. I want to bring to the attention of the community that I was appalled that I did not see one official from Vail, Avon or Edwards at the funeral. I did not see hardly anybody other than the Mexican community supporting this young man, and he’s one of our own, a young corporal in the Marines of Hispanic descent. I think it’s an absolute disgrace that this community didn’t see fit for anybody to go to the funeral. This is one of our own who died for his country. No matter how you feel about the war, you should have paid some respect, and I’m terribly frustrated and disappointed in your Vail community that we didn’t see some attendance at his funeral.Remarkable My wife and I attended the funeral services for Evenor Herrera and his family and we were among a handful of Anglos in a primarily Hispanic gathering and we wish everyone in Vail Valley had attended to see the level of patriotism and sacrifice that this family has gone through. Especially to see the level of patriotism of the Hispanic community in Gypsum. It was truly heartfelt and actually humbling and it’s just something that all the residents of this valley really needed to experience to realize that we’re all part of this community, and to honor our first fallen serviceman. To realize that places like Eagle Valley High School can help produce people of this character is truly astounding.How could you?I was just calling in regards to the picture on the front page of the Vail Daily here on Saturday. I just thought it was very distasteful for you all to do that. This man was at a time of bereavement, worried about his family, and you guys have to take the photo and put it on the front page? Come on, Vail Daily, it’s time to have a little class.A criticI’m wondering how Elizabeth Chicoine, whose kids go to the Mountain School, is now an expert on the Milliken plant. She doesn’t even work for Eagle County anymore. Hmmm.DisrespectfulThe Vail Daily has no class. The picture of Mr. David Stibbs on Saturday’s paper is the most disrespectful thing I have seen in my eight years of living in this valley. He did not deserve that. You should be ashamed of yourself. You are a low-class paper. Nothing better than a tabloid.Cut offJust want to say to all the people that managed to cut me off while I was riding my bike this week, maybe you should go back and take your driver’s license test over. Yes, I do pay taxes here and I have every right to the road.I won’t changeRecently in the Vail Trail, Laura Chiappetta wrote a very interesting column about living here for 20 years, being considered a local, and how she’s been here for 25 years. She talks about how you either change your attitude, or you change where you move. … My attitude will hardly ever change. … I will be a part-time resident from here on out, and it’s pretty sad when it’s’ happened to my community. … We still don’t have an independent newspaper. All our newspapers are owned by one company.Vail, Colorado

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