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Big questionTerry Quinn (Aug. 20) asks, If God didn’t create the universe, then who did? That seems to prove to him the existence of God. And may I ask: who created God? If the universe needs a beginning, then why doesn’t God? And if God does not need a creator, then why does the universe? But we probably can answer the question: Who created God? Man created God. God is a concept that helped primitive people understand the world in a pre-science, imaginative, mythological sort of way. Notice that God has remarkable similarities to man himself, supporting the idea that God was created in man’s image. Christians have it back to front when they assert that man was created in God’s image. Perhaps they are just being politically correct.Any lap will doI would like to offer my opinion on whether or not Peter Runyon is a lapdog to Arn. It does appear that Peter goes along with everything Arn wants to do. Arn wants to raid the Road and Bridge Fund to build shoulders on a state road. Peter agrees. Arn wants to waste $6 million on a gravel pit. Peter agrees. However, if you look closer you will find that Peter also agrees with Tom Stone on his money grabs. For example, when Arn decided that $2 million was too much money to spend on a new barn at the fairgrounds, Peter was quick to jump in with a second vote for Tom Stone’s barn. Tom wants to give a boatload of money to the Freedom Park Veterans Memorial because the group can’t seem to garner any community financial support. I look for Peter to back Tom on this request. And now Tom wants the county to pay for an assisted living center. Again, the odds are good that Peter will back Tom on this one. So the moral of the story is this: If Peter Runyon is a lapdog, he can’t seem to settle on a particular lap.Height of ironyHow ironic! The town of Vail authorizes and builds low-income housing on the North Frontage Road that looks like the slave labor gold mine in “The Mask of Zorro” and then has a problem with the height of Knobel’s Crossroads development. Watch out, Knobel. With the valley’s No. 1 real estate mogul sitting on the Town Council, you may find your property a candidate for an eminent domain takeover.How I see itHere is an inside tip from a longtime county employee. After over 10 years working here I am astounded by the direction that Peter and Arn are taking this county. For all of my years here we worked with pride to make this a wonderful place whose No. 1 focus was on quality and service. These two clowns are leading this county down a slippery slope. First they ran Jack Ingstad off, now our highly regarded county attorney. Morale is in the gutter. Ethics? What ethics? Arn is so bent on revenge against Tom Stone that he can’t see the forest from the trees. He is consistently late for meetings because he spends all his time biking. Wake up Eagle County.Vail, Colorado

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