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Does draw a crowdWhy doesn’t Eagle County simply quit having that lousy fair and rodeo? The county subsidizes the event to the tune of $200,000 each year. For what? So that the few remaining cowboys in the county get their day in the sun? Or is it a grandstanding event for county commissioners to strut their stuff and give away free food and tickets to potential voters? Whatever the reason, the Eagle County Fair and Rodeo is a huge drain on the taxpayers and no longer serves any real purpose. Wake up and smell the coffee, Eagle County. Western heritage can be gotten in many other far expensive ventures than by frittering away tax dollars. …Liked columnYou go, girl! Thanks to Elizabeth H. Chicoine on her column, “District’s Milken plan stinks.” You are right on in regards to John Brendza, the Milken plan, and the condition of our district. …How about me?After reading the salaries of the Eagle County Road and Bridge workers, I am really ticked off. Every summer I try to get someone from Road and Bride to fix my county road. Every summer I get the same song and dance. It’s not budgeted and we only work Monday through Thursday. It is ridiculous that taxpayers support a tremendous amount of heavy equipment that is only used four days a week. These guys make way too much money to only work four days a week. I bet they could find the time to work on our road if they worked a full week.Negative viewI was so saddened to read that Mike Cacioppo is back in town. He does nothing positive for our community. He looks for the bad in everything and polarizes our beautiful community. He’s like an annoying fly that won’t go away. I wish I could say welcome home, Mike, but I can’t.Put it there?Just wondering if Pat Mitchell from Edwards would like the Crossroads project built down there in Edwards. …Lower in LionsheadThe Lionshead Arabelle project is considerably lower in height than the proposed Crossroads proposal that was just killed by the proponent. Vail, Colorado

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