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Dogs gone amokI would not be happy if my 85-year-old father fell and broke his hip because of a dog out of control. Then there are the other dogs who don’t react well to a strange dog coming up to them. The fact of the matter is, we’re too populated to have all these dogs running loose. I live in Eagle Ranch, and the problem is rampant here. Dog owners are extremely defensive about the leash law. They think if they have their dog under control 50 yards from them, they are in compliance with the leash law. They are not. I have tried to talk to a few of them about the law and gotten some pretty hostile comments, so I have decided to just call Animal Control when I see a dog at Eagle Ranch not on a leash. …Not workingHurray for Elizabeth Chicoine and her column about TAP. She is right on line and it’s about time that the public got some of the true story about this program that is not working. The bestI’d just like to let everybody know that the should go down to Pazzo’s in Eagle and talk to Tommy and get strawberry smoothies. They’re the best strawberry smoothies in this whole valley. Well worth your time and money. Pretty stupidI am calling to the guy in East Vail who was on his road bike this morning. I totally respect road bike riders and I have no problem sharing the road, but to get in the traffic lineup to get on I-70 by pulling in front of a car on your bike just seems kind of stupid to me. I have absolutely no problem sharing the road, but you should be more careful, because you’re going to get run over.Doesn’t take muchYou know, Carnes was why I stopped reading the Vail Daily, but now Friday is why I started reading it again. Keep up the good work. We need the conservative point of view. Private momentI would just like to comment on the picture on the front page of the stepfather of the Marine Lance Corporal Herrera who passed away. I think that was intrusive into his personal thoughts and feelings, and maybe the picture on your second page top the big picture would have been more appropriate for the front. I think sometimes the Vail Daily needs to think about what they’re doing before they do it. I think this man had a private moment and it should have been kept private. Thank you.Oh, pleaseThe future is clear at Crossroads and in Vail and Eagle County. Vail Resorts and fellow companies, East West Partners and Slifer, Smith and Frampton are not a part of this proposal, so it did not pass the Vail Town Council. The new kid on the block got slapped down. Pity the tenants at Crossroads who will be in limbo until it is resolved by a change in the Town Council or a change in ownership. Maybe Vail Resorts wants to build theaters and pinball parlors on the land they are purchasing west of the new Ritz location in Lionshead, but who knows? They also have a gasoline station under contract. It took them more than 10 years to get the Arabelle done after they had plans for a hotel there in 1994. Vail Resorts and related companies appear cooperative with other owners and businesses until they swoop in and crush the opposition. They lease space at Beaver Creek, for example, to tenants and when the tenants are successful, Vail Resorts creates competition for these tenants, or they price their lease out of reach to continue at that location. It is more than just competition. This is a company town and a company county, whether we like it or not. You pay the price and get the benefits by living and working here. If Vail Resorts and related companies want to get rid of you, sooner or later they will. Don’t get too aggressive, Vail Daily, or you will be next … like printing this. Big Daddy says bull to freedom of the press.From cheap seatsI think it’s great to see Mr. Cacioppo back in the paper again. I enjoy his great sense of being a good human being and having ethics, which a lot of people don’t have, and keeping the idiots in check. Keep it up, Mike. I look forward to reading some of your columns. Hopefully they’re paying you a lot of money. But knowing that newspaper, they don’t pay anybody anything.Told himIf you would kindly identify yourself, I would gratuitously give you the answers that you seek, and may accept! Query, are you: Cindy Sheehan, Mr. Abbas, Michael Moore or just another bloke that cannot discern the difference between “good” and “evil,” “truth” and “falsehood,””love” and “hate,” or “terror” and “bad breath”? Arthur Kittay Who pays?It was interesting to read in the Vail Daily that someone took the county government to task for allowing county employees to stay at a luxury hotel at county’s expense. The county administrator or finance officer should ask the assessor why she is traveling to Alaska at taxpayer expense and why she purchased two airline tickets. I was told her new husband is traveling to Alaska with her. Are his airline and hotel expenses being paid with taxpayer money?HardlyIf you want to ask the bicyclists to ride on the bike path, consider it the same as asking all the cars and trucks on Highway 6 to use I-70. Same thing. Vail, Colorado

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