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Use the freewayThis goes to all the drivers that choose to use Highway 6 around 6 o’clock p.m. in the afternoon. If you choose to drive Highway 6, it’s a 55 speed limit, I don’t see why you don’t take I-70 and go 75. If you want to go fast, don’t use Highway 6, and that’s it.A questionI’m perplexed. My local school Brush Creek Elementary has 75 kindergarten students. These students are grouped into three classes of 25. Most of these students are full time and generate an additional $250 per month for the school district. Not only am I paying school taxes, but I’m also spending $250 for my child to sit in an overcrowded classroom. Brush Creek Elementary School is generating about $168,750 this year through their all-day kindergarten program. Please explain to me why the school district won’t immediately hire a new teacher to reduce class size? Even if that teacher’s total cost was $50,000, the district would still be earning an additional $110,000. Thank you.Why print that?Shame on you and your editors for running the Tipsline about the person griping in regards to the school supplies that ran in the paper. How dare somebody in this valley make a claim that the Mexicans who live here do not work hard and are not entitled to the same thing the other kids are. Shame on you for printing that. What an embarrassment.Wildlife firstI’m calling about the Tipsline titled “Critters assassinations” and I completely agree with that person. Vail Resorts think they have the upper hand in everything and they can just go around killing beavers like in that Tipsline and we need to stop that unnecessary development that they’re wanting to put in, like that lady who wanted the deer removed. It’s the deer’s natural habitat. It was there before you, so just deal with it.Pretty sadI’ve seen way too much of this Cindy Sheehan in the news and all about her fallen son. Yes, we do have so much sympathy for her for that. But what I don’t understand is I’ve also seen she stood up in a rally last April for Lynn Stewart, the woman that was the attorney for the blind sheik who was accused of and convicted of passing along messages to his Egyptian followers. My heart goes out to Ms. Sheehan, she lost her son, but she’s on a path where she wants to do nothing other than make the president look horrible and herself look sympathetic. It’s really kind of disgusting. Need to see itMy name is Sandy Brennan and I’d like to make a remark about the picture of the fallen soldier’s father. Makes me cry to talk about it now. The picture of David Stibbs, yes maybe it was a heart-wrenching picture, but I think it was a good move that the Vail Daily put it on the front page. It brings right to the forefront what is happening and what the cost of this war really is. It brings it home to Eagle County.Such lovely landThank God the Eaton Ranch was preserved. It is so gorgeous. That’s all I have to say.Vail, Colorado

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