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Too bigI’m against the greater density which will be seven times larger than the existing Crossroads building. We don’t need to bring what is wrong with Beaver Creek and what is wrong with Lionshead to the Vail Village. Crossroads, at 66,000 square feet, is large enough as it is now, and going to 400,000 square feet is ridiculous. The town is losing its human scale, and it’s charm, because of these high buildings. When you go to the nicer resorts in Europe, or even Aspen, everything is one-, two- and at most three-story buildings. Let’s not ruin the charm of Vail.Good planI’m calling about the Crossroads issue and I would like to say that Peter Knobel is a good man with a good plan. … If we don’t approve of what Peter’s doing, then how can we approve all of the other state-of-the-art new Vail, new Lionshead, No. 1 ski resort plans? I just hope for the future of our valley and the future of our families in the valley that we will reconsider and perhaps give a green light to Mr. Knobel’s plan. He may not know how to work within the constraints of our current council, he may not know how to play ball our way because he comes from out of town and may not be considered by some people as one of us, but he has a good plan.Vail, Colorado

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