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Fix the lightsI got a tip for you. Get the … street lights fixed at the intersections at Edwards on/off ramps. It’s ridiculous. I wait for two hours to get through there at 5 o’clock at night. Need to do something about it.Depth of sacrificeThe Don Rogers’ editorial regarding the picture of the bereaved parent of the fallen Marine was a great article and it’s something people need to see, and if it disturbs them, so be it. This kind of thing, the only way to really realize the depth of that sacrifice, both on the fallen Marine, Herrera, and the family, you really need to have a picture of that quality. I know a lot of people in la la land here would much rather see trout fishing in Eagle River or some lupines on the valley. But I’m sorry, this is where we live, and the sacrifice of that family, those Hispanic American citizens, needs to be honored. So I really appreciated your article, Don Rogers, and stick by your guns.Let downMy daughter was at the park last week in Eagle with her friends and a photographer came and took a bunch of pictures of them, and told them they were going to be on the front page of the paper, and they were very excited, and they weren’t on the front page and they were very upset. Also, last Saturday, I thought it was very distasteful to have that man grieving over his lost son on the front page of the paper. I think it was very disrespectful, so I think the Vail Daily needs to have a little couth and taste.Editor’s note: The paper cannot and does not promise coverage. Given the ever changing nature of news, plans often change. News staffers at the Daily are very clear about that.A disgraceThomas Kirk hit the nail on the head. To have none of our town council members or Eagle County commissioners or mayors attend the funeral of Evenor Herrera was just a shameful disgrace. Perhaps they had some charity breakfast or wine tasting even they needed to go to. It is just shameful that they can’t represent our electorate when the first Eagle County young man dies in that war. I can’t even believe that, and yes I was at that funeral, and yes I didn’t see any of those officials there. Sure, FluffyI just got reading the Vail Daily’s great headline where Peter Runyon says, “I’m not Arn’s poodle.” Sure you’re not.Some exampleI was watching TV on the hurricane. I bet you these Third World countries are laughing at us. People are looting. The cops are even looting.Vail, Colorado

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