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Leash themNever seems to amaze me. People whining and crying about their dogs. Again we have another person whose voice command dog was attacked by somebody’s dog on a leash. If your voice command dog didn’t go over to that dog that was on a leash, it probably wouldn’t have gotten attacked. If your dog was on a leash, it wouldn’t even come close to that other dog who was on a leash.Revs. PC?So far, none of those addressing intelligent design in letters to the editor, Tipsline, or Wisdom from the Web have identified themselves as members of the clergy. Rev. Jack Van Ens and Deacon F. J. Voselka had no problem addressing political issues, like nuclear weapons and the war in Iraq. You’d think they would want to weigh in on an issue that concerns God. It could be that they don’t want to get crossways with their liberal pals. Maybe God’s interests are less important to them than maintaining political correctness.Parked foreverI was wondering if the Vail Daily could do a story on the white van that’s been parked inside the Vail parking structure, right when you pull in, to the right, since the end of June. Now my curiosity has been piqued, and it’s gotten to the point where people are leaving notes on the car, to tow the van, and for whatever reason I guess you’re allowed to park, or I should say double park, for more than two months in the Vail parking structure. Amazing. Gouging usIt’s ridiculous the way that the gas stations in this county are gouging all of the locals and tourists with their high gas prices. Gas is a lot cheaper on Highway 131 north of Wolcott, and it’s not a main thoroughfare like they all feel they have to hype it further because it’s so far up in the mountains. Wasted moneyI’m calling about any lap will do, talk about Arn Menconi wanting to waste $6 million for a shoulder. Sounds like they wasted tons of money on a bicycle path that does not work. I believe they need to make a shoulder for the bicycles and put bicycle emblems on it, and the bicycle path should be called a sidewalk. That’s right, a sidewalk. Because if people are on a bicycle on there, somebody’s going to get killed, or ran over, or their dog’s going to die. The way this town is going and building property in this county, there are way more homes, way more property taxes, and lots of income being produced in this county to pay well enough $6 million with these multimillion dollar mansions and the taxes they bring on. There should be no problem building a shoulder for bicycles that will work and be safe.Vail, Colorado

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