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My questionHere’s the message. I read about the lack of interest in serving on the school board. Here’s a question you might ask the Eagle County public on your online poll. The question is this: Would there be more interest in running for the school board if Superintendent John Brendza’s pet project, the TAP program, were not in existence? That’s it. Thanks.Short-timerI’m calling in about the article titled “how I see it” in the Tipsline, and that person says they’re a longtime working local, and it says they’ve been working here for 10 years. That’s ridiculous. That is not a long time, working local. It’s those people that take credit for those things that just drive me nuts.Wrong guyThe headlines says, “Minturn’s mayor faces an ethics probe.” Are you kidding me? If you’ve watched Minturn over the last 20 years, some of their high-ranking officials that make the big, big bucks need an ethics probe, and that person needs to get fired. There’s too much lying, too much deceit, and too much crap that people have to shovel. The mayor might have made a mistake, but at least he has heart, not a black heart, and not a knife that stabs you in the back. So the sooner our Town Council figures out that a few people need to lose their jobs, the better Minturn will be. Maybe this is a step in the right direction.DreamlandHey, Don Rogers, if you look at the reality instead of the theory of the TAP program at the schools, then maybe you would change your tune about this whole problem.Liberal junkThank God for Michael Cacioppo. Can we please put him in your paper every day so that somebody can actually write about all the liberal junk going on in the county?Fair’s for kidsI’m calling in reference to the idiot that does not know the meaning of Eagle County Fair. The fair is about our 4-H kids. They have something to do year round. I have been involved with 4-H for 67 years. It keeps kids busy with their problems year-round instead of TV, videos, parties or getting in trouble. My grandkids are third-generation 4-H’ers, and the rodeo is a side attraction. Do you think the Freedom Riders only ride their horses a week a year or bring the steer in from the pasture the day of the fair? I don’t think so. You must have been raised in some downtown city or under a rock. I do believe our photographers should do a lot more fair pictures instead of rodeo, because it is about the fair.Forget IraqSo glad to see the quick response of our president to this horrible catastrophe of Hurricane Katrina. He is cutting his vacation short, guys, leaving for Washington two days ahead of schedule. Wow. Is he going to fly over the disaster zone on the way home? We need our National Guard. Bring them home. Our country needs their help. Forget Iraq.Call, if you dareThis is Mary Schlegel calling from Burns, and I’m a grandma that’s been connected with 4-H for years and years, and also the Eagle County Fair and Rodeo, and I’m not afraid to put my name in the Tipsline. So whose the one that put it in about the Eagle County Fair being lousy. Are they scared to show their name? There’s a few things they can do away with. But let me tell you what, my boys are all cowboys. Whoever it is, woman or man, I’d like to see them get on a danged horse and ride for about 12 hours a day moving cows. They might even be able to walk when they get off. If they don’t like our county, let them leave and go back where they came from. Wake up and smell the roses. If they want to call me, they sure can, because I can sure tell them what I think about them; 653-4320.Self-servingI was on my way to go donate some money to help out the people of the Red Cross. Then I stopped at the gas station and filled up my car. I have no more money left. Sorry, can’t donate. Berry thiefThis is to the person in the pickup truck and the person in the car who stopped at my house in Minturn at 2:30 the other morning with their little flashlights to pick my raspberries incognito. Yes, my neighbor saw you. Yes, my neighbor got information regarding who you are. I would like you to come to my door, as you know where it is because it’s where you were stealing raspberries, and it will go no further. If not, then it will go to the authorities. Safety lessonI took my 45 pound downhill mountain bike down the single tracks of Vail Mountain last weekend and I noticed a large crowd of people that just sit on the single track and don’t get off to the side. Mountain bike international code is you’re supposed to get your bike out of the way when you stop and try to figure out technical stuff on the double black trails especially. You guys are going to get hurt not wearing any pads. You should probably get out of the way at blind spots, too, because you’re going to get hit. On the bike path going towards the gondola, sharing is caring, so why are you yelling at me when I’m riding a 45 pound bicycle with all my pads on? Go Arn. You need to build more bike paths alongside the road where it’s safer. Call those other things sidewalks.Priced rightThank you to the Vail Daily for the fact that it’s free. It’s not very often in the Vail Valley that there’s a price exactly as it should be, so thank you. You’re a breath of fresh air.An ideaAs I was watching footage from the destruction of Hurricane Katrina on “Nightline,” I wondered where all the millions of people who lost their homes were going to go. My first thought was that all the many big vacant second homes in Vail would make excellent temporary housing for some of the homeless who have lost everything.Trying to helpIt is impossible to realize we have American refugees on U.S. soil in the year 2005. How are we able to care for the world and not get food and water to the victims of Katrina? Yes, it is an overwhelming unprecedented situation, but the rescue effort is unbelievably disgraceful. I suggest we airdrop into New Orleans our Eagle County commissioners and their friends. Maybe this would give them a reality check and deflate their egos.Cheaper thereGo to Summit County to get gas, because gas is about 30 cents cheaper. We’re all getting ripped off here. …Vail, Colorado

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