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Keep spirit aliveI’m just calling about the guy who was complaining about Eagle County having a bad rodeo every year. We want to keep our rich, Western heritage alive. …The worstI’ve kept quiet about this for years, but after getting cut off on I-70 twice today within a few minutes, I’ve got to vent. I work all over western Colorado, and Vail and Eagle County are hands down the poorest and most inconsiderate drivers in the state. I watch people routinely come from the I-70 on ramp to the passing lane and stay there until just before they get to their exit, which is usually only a few minutes away, and then fly back across to the off ramp. They constantly are forcing people that are driving safely to brake hard and accommodate the childish behavior behind the wheel. Please grow up. At best you’re saving maybe 60-120 seconds on your commute, and you endanger other people’s lives. Also, P.S., traffic already on I-70 has the right of way. It’s polite of people to slow down and let you in, but they don’t have to. If you don’t believe me, ask the cops about this. Thanks for letting me vent.CostlyI’m very interested after I read this Tipsline, “does draw a crowd” about the Eagle County Fair and Rodeo and how we subsidize it for $200,000 a year, and is it for the few remaining cowboys in Eagle County. …We’ll take it!With regards to the person if Pat Mitchell from Edwards would like the Crossroads project built down there in Edwards: Never mind Pat Mitchell, Edwards would welcome it. We’ve been kicking Vail’s butt for five years and would love to keep doing it.What leaders?This is in regards to Eileen Bradley’s letter on the funeral service of Evenor Herrera. I am absolutely disgusted that not one of our county commissioners or any elected officials came and gave their condolences to the family. Our elected officials should be ashamed of themselves.How much tax?With the advent of $3 per gallon gas, does anyone know how much of that represents hidden federal, state and local taxes?Vail, Colorado

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