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Such sufferingI’m just calling to let you know with all the tearing down in Vail, they have no grocery store, they have no gas station, they have no place for a guy to pull in and get a can of pop. The tourists, it’s the same thing, if they’re in the lodges they’re pretty much screwed. They have to go all the way to west Vail which is a pain if they don’t have a car. They should have something temporary, at least with all this construction. I just thought I’d point that out.Hard workingI’m calling in response to “How about me” in the Tipsline. I don’t know if this person realizes how hard the county workers work. Four days a week, we’re still putting in 40 hours a week. In the winter time, we’re not even guaranteed a day off. They need to think about that, with the snow removal and how hard we work. If they want the budget to be better, or they want more hours of work, maybe you ought to get a little more taxes paid so it is in the budget. I was extremely disturbed by this call, because they have no idea how many miles of road the county or the state maintains in this county, and how hard we work, whether it’s raining or snowing or the sun’s beating down on us. We do our job. We do a good job. No, we can’t get to every road, every year, but give us a break.Think safetyI have a question for our great county commissioners. Why does the elementary school in Edwards have a crosswalk on Lake Creek Road that has a lot of light so you can see it and yet there’s barely anybody using it? Then at the Vail Christian Academy on Highway 6 in Eagle-Vail that a million times more people use you can barely see the flashing light, and you get all kinds of crazy people riding your … and blowing their horns and telling you go faster when really when the warning light is flashing it means 25 mph. … Concentrate on what you need. Our kids, the safety of our kids.Lighten upMy great grandparents came from Ellis Island and they hid their Norwegian culture, and it reminds me of what’s going on right now in the Vail Valley. The racism directed towards Hispanics is disgusting me. We all belong to the same race, the human race. So please, lighten up, people.Where are women?I’ve been hearing a lot of reports that they talk about the lack of quality gentlemen in this valley. My question is where are the quality women at? The ones that are not so materialistic and want everything, they just want a friend. I don’t know if you’ll print this or not. We just wanted to talk about it. Vail, Colorado

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