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We’re shakingHopefully people will learn from Hurricane Katrina’s destruction. Not to move to hazard-prone areas. People in Eagle County should understand that. How about when our volcano from Dotsero blows? Everybody should understand that maybe moving to Eagle County is a bad idea. What happens when the volcano blows? We were warned.Fresh startI’d like to thank Mr. Mike Cacioppo for bringing to our attention that the mayor of Minturn, Hawkeye Flaherty, does have his right to freedom of speech. But as everyone knows, Mr. Christensen does whatever he darn well pleases because he can, and always has, and nobody’s ever questioned him on it. Maybe now the town of Minturn can see that there’s a problem. We definitely need a new town attorney. Maybe Mr. Flaherty can work on that, along with some of the other council members with ethics. I think it’s very nice that Mr. Flaherty stuck up for Mr. Hoza, and so did Harry, from Harry’s Bump and Grind, so you’ve got to give all two of those people a big kudos. And keep Minturn the way it is and try and make it better. It seems as though the town government definitely needs an overhaul, and a fresh new start to go into the year 2006.Mad about voteThis is an open message for the Vail Town Council members of Vail that voted against the Crossroads project. We pretty much have decided that you have failed us, and if I were you I wouldn’t waste my time campaigning, because come election day, we’re going to make losers out of you.How about us?It is heartwarming to see how places like Houston, Dallas and San Antonio took in refugees from Hurricane Katrina, but I haven’t seen any reports of such hospitality in our area. There are a lot of hotels in Vail, Beaver Creek and Bachelor Gulch that are pretty deserted during the fall season, not to mention all the trophy homes that only get used a few months out of the year, especially those mansions owned by limousine liberals who pose as caring people.Recycle, not dumpMy tip is that in Edwards the recycling Dumpsters, I’m wondering why people feel the need to dump their refrigerators, lawn mowers and oil tubs and everything else you can imagine at the site as opposed to paper and plastic and cans and everything else it was meant for. I’m not quite sure if people are lazy, rude, maybe they just don’t know what recycling is. But it’s starting to drive me crazy, along with many other people I know. So hopefully that can be resolved and people can get it together.Wallet’s lighterThis is to the person that found my wallet on top of Vail Mountain on Labor Day. Thank you for turning in my wallet, but did you really have to take all the cash on there? I know that if you were on the mountain that day, you could well afford to not take my cash. It’s not cheap to go up there, and you know that. You didn’t need my cash. I’m a local, I’m not some rich tourist, and if you looked in my wallet, which I know you did, you could see that I have two kids. That money was for their school lunches, and the rest of it was going to go to the Hurricane Katrina victims, and I really think that they all need that more than you needed it to go drink beer, or whatever. Was it really worth all the bad karma you’re getting to take that cash? I mean, come on. I was hoping this was going to be one of those feel-good stories where I could write a thank you in the Daily for returning it complete, but I guess it was wrong. If by chance your conscience is bothering you, you can return the cash to P.O. Box 2098 in Edwards, 81632. No questions asked. Have a great life. Thanks.Need to be rich?I just read today’s letters to the editor, the one called “The foundation” by Brittany Taggart. Generosity is easy when you have lots of money. Adventurers like Steve Fossett could never have achieved what he did without a lot of money. No one could.Places for refugeesWouldn’t it be wonderful if the vacation homeowners all through the valley would open them up to the refugees of Hurricane Katrina?Vail Colorado

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