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Help the lost petsJust wanted to let everyone know that people are not the only victims of the hurricane. There are thousands of pets that were separated from their owners during the storms. Many shelters were destroyed and these animals are needing foster homes until their owners can get on their feet and reclaim their pets. Please consider sponsoring an animal or donating to the Humane Society. Pets are dying, too, and I’m sure the hurricane victims would be thrilled to hear that someone was taking care of their pets. You can go to or the Humane Society’s Web page to find out ways to help the animals as well.Scoop it, pleaseWhy can’t the dog owners who walk their dog(s) along the path at Riverwalk clean up after their dog(s)? There are signs all along the path asking owners to leash and clean up after their arrival. This isn’t happening. Disposal bags are being provided just for this purpose and most owners aren’t taking advantage of this courtesy. These are disgusting owners with no regard for others out enjoying a walk on this beautiful river path.Off on FridaysI just read the Tipsline about the County Road and Bridge Department not working on Friday and I could not agree more with the caller. My taxes go to fund that new fancy building, those new fancy pic-up trucks I see the director and assistant director endlessly riding around in, and all of the expensive equipment that sits dormant on Fridays. I would like to know why the county public works manager allows this sort of behavior from such a vital department. All of the other county departments are open when I visit them on Fridays.Vail, Colorado

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