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Oh, pleaseShort timer: Who cares how long someone’s been in the valley and considers themselves a long-time, working local? There’s more important things to squabble about. Get a life. My God.Trashing areaI just wanted to say how appalled I was by the recycle area over on Traer Creek. I don’t know whether people are clueless or just being very disrespectful because they don’t want to spend the time or the money to appropriately discard their used appliance, old planters and their garbage, and they’re just simply using it as a dumping grounds for their things. Traer Creek doesn’t have to give us the area for recycling. It’s generous for them to do so, and I just feel we all need to treat the area with respect.TrustWow. Yet another 6-1 vote for the Vail Town Council. Diana Donovan continues to be the lone voice of unreason. This time, once again, she doesn’t trust the consultants, town staff, or her other colleagues on the council. She is against putting the conference center on the November ballot so that the Vail voters could decide its future once and for all. What kind of message is that? She doesn’t trust the voters either? Maybe it’s time for the voters not to trust her anymore.Whistle blowerI would like to encourage everyone, especially the blind Bushies, to find out what happened to Bonantine Greenhouse, former chief contracting officer for the Army Corps of Engineers when she blew the whistle on Haliburton. Another example of the unbelievable corruption of this administration.Our golf courseEagle-Vail residents would appreciate an article on who owns the Eagle-Vail Golf Course. The golf course has recently put up no trespassing signs. As a homeowner, I’d like to see these signs removed, along with the golf course. Vail, Colorado

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