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I’m sorry to Kevin Wright of the DOW for having to put the two horrible dogs to their death. The incident in Aspen about the elk makes me sick. What if the poor elk was a child? You two owners should be ashamed of yourselves. You should never be allowed to have animals in your care ever. Obviously they were not in your care. I hope you are prosecuted to the fullest, serve jail time, and are fined out the ying yang. Any dog owners out there who let your animals run loose give a bad name to dog owners who walk their dogs on a leash and take care of them. DOW, please release the names of the two dog owners in Aspen.

Foot in …

I’ve been reading all the different hullaballo with regards to the school district. What I can’t quite see clearly is Mr. Huck first lambasted that ex-board guy and said that a teacher would never single out a student and treat them badly. He basically called that guy a liar. Then, when the other people came forward and the administrators verified that it did happen, Mr. Huck stated that, “Well, it was only a few.” So which is it? And since it was only a few, is this acceptable to Mr. Huck? Did Mr. Huck ever apologize to that guy? Did he have to have a shoe medically removed from his big mouth? Or maybe it’s planted somewhere else.

Messing with locals

This is relative to Kaye Ferry’s article about possibly taking away the merchants pass ski day on Saturday. Number 1, it’s like taking away a benefit from someone, like a health benefit. Number 2, if you want us to detest the Denver Front Range skier more, that’s a good way to really alienate a local against a Front Range skier. Number 3, why do you think a merchant holder has anything to do with the problem? The Frontage Road was never full until they did the Buddy Pass, except on special occasions. I think we should look at the Vail Daily solution the other day that someone wrote in that said maybe charge a premium for Saturday and Sunday for the Buddy Pass holder. But please, let’s not be messing with the local again, who is already paying through the nose for room, for food, for everything. It’s one little thing that we have that we enjoy. Don’t take it away from us.

Time for action

This is just a little note for Tom Daschle. Action has to be taken. You can’t wait until people come after you. If he wants to live in a world of stagnation and wait till a truck hits him in the back, that’s fine for him. But as for me, I’d like to live in a progressive, intellectual society where people actually look toward the future instead of waiting for someone else to do something for them. And to allow these criminals, these dictators, to oppress humanity is not a good way of addressing the issues. War, of course, is a last option, but this is not really even a war. This was all planned and scheduled a year ago.

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