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I got a kick out of reading Don Roger’s take on Hurricane Katrina. To quote him, “like how could people be so stupid in New Orleans,” and further down in his column, “but with the idea that the most vulnerable place of all could be so casual about an obvious catastrophe to come.”

Does he not look around at where he looks here in Happy Valley and realize that we could all be in the situation as the people from New Orleans? One big giant forest fire, an obvious catastrophe to come, and the Vail Valley could be the next New Orleans.

Red Cliff destruction

I think you should do a story on what’s going on in Red Cliff. It seems like all the old cool buildings are being torn down.

I don’t really think the Town Council has a plan with what to do with some of the historic buildings that were built in the 1800’s.

Today the Woodeye Woodwork building was torn down and it’s just really sad that they’re going to homogenize this town and let the new owners tear everything down and just build up new ugly places, so I think it would be great if you guys did a story on that. I want to keep Red Cliff cool and funky.


My heart goes out to all the poor hurricane victims and I really feel that it is very unfair that people keep referring to these victims or evacuees as refugees. How unfair. How insensitive.

These people have been through enough, and to be labeled as refugees, I can’t believe you have such insensitive writers there at the Vail Daily. They are not refugees. They are victims, or evacuees of a hurricane.


I’m ashamed to be an American. This is unbelievable, the partisan fighting as far as who did what and who knew first and who knew last. You know what? We’re all in this together as Americans. Our brothers and sisters are in New Orleans, and they don’t have a home. People are fighting over politics and that is the most disgusting thing. It’s just disgusting. Why don’t we all get together and help these people and stop the complaining.

There’s plenty of time for that later. Let’s help these people like we would want them to come to our aid if something horrific happened in our neighborhood.

Growing forum

This tip is for Don Rogers. My request is that you increase your editorial section to meet the growing demand of the community.

Please understand that it takes a little bit longer, several days rather, to read a tip after I give one. Keep up the good work, but please increase your editorial section. You need to definitely. There’s too many opinions out there and it seems to be backlogged.

Give him a medal

As far as most of the citizens in Minturn are concerned, Hawkeye deserves a medal because he knows what the Minturn government is all about. Hopefully we’ll keep him as mayor, and he can help straighten out our government. Great job, Hawkeye. Keep up the good work.

Blight leaving

Good news to all of your property owners that live up Squaw Creek Road, that includes Cordillera, Colorow, Squaw Creek, etc. Say goodbye to the two trailers located just below the Cordillera Equestrian Center, the silver bullet and the blue moving trailer should be gone in the next 60 days, as the land that they sit on has been sold.

There is, too

I was just reading the Saturday edition of the Vail Daily and I was looking through the Tipsline and I see this one, “Such suffering,” saying there isn’t a grocery store in the village. Well there is a grocery store in the village, it’s Clark’s Market, and it’s in the Crossroads Shopping Center.


I’m calling in response to that brain surgeon having no where to shop because of construction. You mean there’s no grocery stores or gas stations in Vail? Why wasn’t I informed? Certainly you must be thinking about different cities here. Not to mention, why would you stop in Vail Village for a can of pop? Is this person intentionally trying to make things difficult for himself? I wasn’t even aware West Vail was a separate town, all the way down there. …

Oh, sure …

You think it would have been a real good idea to send supplies to New Orleans before it got destroyed by a hurricane? Have you seen pictures of the Gulf Coast? Everything you sent there would have been destroyed. …

Since liberals like you want to play the blame game, how about some blame for the liberals that ran the social paradise of New Orleans? They’re to blame for not evacuating this city in time. Not the federal government.

Vail Colorado

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