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Right with youIn response to Kathy Westover’s letter to the editor in Sunday’s paper to impeach the President for a horrible job done in New Orleans, you’ve got my vote, Kathy. I’m right with you there. I think we’ve got to start calling this president on all his errors.A reasonI have a tip for the drivers here in Eagle County. They actually put mirrors and blinkers on a car for a reason, so you can get out of the fast lane and not drive 65. Thank you. Try to pay attention to the road.Can’t go that fastI can’t believe people always complaining about the speed limit being 55 on Highway 6. A couple of reasons why a lot of people can’t achieve the speed limit of 55. 1. There’s way too much traffic on that road. 2. There are way too many turnouts on that road. And 3. There are too many moron, inconsiderate, worthless and stupid bicycle riders who don’t care about anything except themselves and their little Greg Lemonde shirts. So smarten up, put a shoulder in, and drive properly. 55’s too fast anyway.No one told usThis message is for Judge Buck. Please tell the Avon Police Department what they’re doing is criminal. Wildridge residents are getting heavy fines for leaving empty trash cans out after eight hours. No one informed us that we had to get bear-proofed trash cans. Avon Police has a requirement to issue a warning before issuing tickets. Please, Judge Buck, tell the Avon Police what they’re doing is wrong.Return hat, pleaseThis is a message to the biker in my neighborhood who was stuffing a white cowboy hat in his jersey as I was driving home Sunday evening. I have learned that it was my husband’s hat, and it blew out of his truck that morning and was actually in our yard when I saw you taking it before you headed down the hill. You know where it belongs, and we would appreciate you returning the hat, no questions asked. Thank you in advance.Ain’t rightI’d like to know how the Conoco station in Vail charges $3.32 for gas when Shop ‘n Hop, the very same day, charges $3.14. It actually went down 5 cents, from $3.19 to $3.14. Way to go. Can’t squeeze inI’m calling about the parking spot in front of Starbucks in Edwards. I think they have to paint those a little bit narrower, just so we cannot get our vehicles in at all.Vail, Colorado

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