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Eagle MineIt’s great to see that we’ve got all this contaminated lock and cribbings left. Now the Environmental Protection Agency is going to have to deal with it, and I’d like to know how come this wasn’t dealt with a long time ago, before the Eagle Mine cleanup even started years ago. Wait a minute. You start at the top and go to the bottom, but I guess government can’t figure it out, can they? What’s Mr. Ginn going to do? Mr. Ginn, stay away from Minturn. Make your own Ginnturn. We don’t want you, we don’t need you. We’ve existed for 100 years without you, and we are not the same people that you’re going to bring in. …Get a gripThis is to the Village Homes owner in Eagle Ranch who put a sign in their yard asking for the inconsiderate pet owner to pick up after their dog. There are hundreds of thousands of people from the Gulf Coast either homeless or displaced after Hurricane Katrina. Additionally, Americans are dying almost every day in Iraq and with all of this, you cannot go out and pick up the poop, probably left inadvertently, in your own front yard. Congratulations, you have set the bar to a new high for self-involvement. Signed, a neighbor.A criticElizabeth Chicoine and Rich Brown lament the lack of interest in the next school board election. Maybe there are good reasons why someone who supports education declines to go that route. In public school, you have many students who are not interested in learning, and parents who just view school as a day-care service. You have teachers and administrators who don’t want to be held accountable for their failings, and who think they are the sole source of wisdom about education. They look down on outsiders. Many people are concerned that what kids learn in such an atmosphere includes foul language and bad habits. At best, they’ll get only a mediocre education. So, those parents and others interested in learning get involved with charter schools, parochial schools, and home schooling. Why waste their time on a system that won’t admit to its shortcomings?Quit complainingSo tired of hearing people complain about the littlest things. If you lose your wallet, and it gets returned without your money, you should expect that. If you’re riding a bicycle on the side of the street, and a car goes by really close, you should expect that. If you live in this valley and you’re tired of the rich, then move. AssumptionsThis is in response to the Tipsline report “Wallet’s lighter.” Did it ever occur to you that perhaps somebody found your wallet and took all the cash, then threw your wallet back down and then the person who actually turned your wallet in was really doing a good deed and nothing more than that? Perhaps you should think about that before you accuse someone of stealing. Then we can talk about bad karma.Show meAttention all Avon residents. $900 bear trash violation signs flashed everywhere by the Avon police. Yet you call the Avon police at 748-4040 and they don’t have copies of the regulations. They send you to the library. Shame on you, Avon. Print the regulations and hand them out to all the residents, or at least have them available at the police station. How can we violate or not violate a $900 bear trash regulation if we don’t know the regulations that we’re violating? Print the statutes, the violations, detail it out in normal English so that residents are aware and won’t violate the law. Not impressedI cannot believe how pathetic that Oktoberfest was this past weekend in Lionshead. It brought absolutely zero business to anyone in Lionshead and made Vail look like some two-bit town. I don’t know how much money this event cost Vail, but if it cost as much as one of their lousy brats, it was too much.Full weekI’m just calling to reply to “Off on Fridays.” My mom works for Eagle County Road and Bridge, and I don’t know how many hours you put in each week, but they do definitely put in their 40 hours every single week. … My Mom definitely works her 40 hours a week.Car envyI never really understood the delivery system in this community, but I really don’t understand, some people in Edwards get mail delivery and most people don’t. But the people that do get mail delivery are delivered by contractors, and they drive a Mercedes, and a Land Cruiser. I was hoping somebody could figure why out the people that are delivering are driving vehicles that most CEOs wouldn’t be able to drive.Fore!What a stupid remark regarding wanting the Eagle-Vail Golf Course gone. That golf course, like it or not, adds a value to your property, so getting rid of it is the same as taking money out of your back pocket. While I’m not a fan of the “no trespassing” signs either, I certainly have witnessed a woman with a baby strapped to her chest walking the golf course at 5 p.m. while golfers were on the course. What I don’t agree with is the 24-hour ban. After the golfers are gone, and the flags are out of the holes, why can’t we walk it if we pick up after our pets?Wacky viewsThis is concerning Michael Cacioppo’s article “State patrols are out of control.” I was wondering how long it would take the new Michael Cacioppo to get back to his same old line, which is anti-government, anti-police force, in this particular case the government being that they were trying to help this lady get out of an unsafe, unsanitary situation. He goes on to say that oh by the way this poor lady had a handgun and a knife and referring to the state patrolmen as storm troopers. This is the same old stuff he’s always been doing. The last time he did it in his newspaper, he was advocating in our own county aborting DUI checkpoints by blowing alcohol breath in the patrolman’s face, and having beer and liquor in the car, just to slow things down, as if it wasn’t a good thing to have drunk drivers off the road. I still can’t believe you give this guy a voice, and you give him these anti-government headlines. He’s still the same guy he always was, and in this particular case when you have a person referring to the Gestapo and storm troopers, it’s definitely the writing of a maniac. I’m sure this is to sell papers and promote controversy, which I’m sure it does. But I hope your paper isn’t the one being put in the garbage cans because of this guy’s wacky views. Likes MikeI’m sitting here reading Friday’s Vail Daily, Page A12. I find it kind of ironic how Michael Cacioppo’s article is based on facts, clear thinking, and overall good knowledge and then Matt Zalaznick, the column above him, it’s just rambling, it’s just whining and crying. A spatThis is to the gentleman who flipped me off after I told him to clean up his dog feces right at the Avon bridge on Friday the 16th of September. It’s you, and irresponsible dog owners like yourself, who need your pets taken away from you, and you need to be fined and go to jail. Dog feces are disgusting and carry disease. If I knew where you lived, it would be on your front doorstep. Hopefully you’ll get a ticket the next time you do that.Vail, Colorado

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