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Makes senseI’m calling about the Eagle-Vail Golf Course and who owns it. I received a notice that I was trespassing on the golf course, so I called a board member named Jay Harlburnt who explained it something like this. The Metro District owns and controls the golf courses. Your Eagle-Vail property taxes do not fund the golf course. Those taxes go to parks, swimming, and other amenities in Eagle-Vail. The course is solely funded by daily fees and pass holders of the golf course. The board actually has a duty to make sure people aren’t on the course while others are playing. I mean, really, why would you walk your baby, your dog, yourself down a path where people are hitting golf balls next to you? It makes no sense. I was offended when I got the trespass notice. But after Jay explained it to me, I now understand and will abide by the rules. The golf course is an amenity for all of us in Eagle-Vail. Don’t forget the district maintains a Nordic track and allows us to use the golf course in the winter. All they ask is for you and your dogs and your kids to stay off the course while other people are playing. You don’t own the golf course. The district does, and they’re not asking too much from us who live here. Great detailersI’m a longtime local in the valley and I was just calling to give a good shout out to a new company that’s now in the area. There’s a few mobile car detailers I’ve employed and they’re all OK. But Top Gun Car Detailing is my recent one. I’d just like to give them a little recognition in the valley for what a good job they do. Their phone number is 720-231-1219. Less is moreWhat a great column by Alex Miller about home rule. He says we need to give the whole package a closer look. Well, if you pull your head out and look at it, you’ve got a Realtor, a guy who takes pictures, and the other guy, God only knows what he does besides want a popularity contest. And the best commissioner didn’t even get elected and he needs to be our sheriff, and look who we have running for sheriff. Government is worthless, incompetent and it flat out sucks. The least of it we have, the better off we’ll be. Look at the people in New Orleans. Boy, government did a great job, didn’t they?Crazy driversThis is to the guy in the blue Jeep who passed me on a curve on Center Drive, right in the middle where there are blind driveways. Whatever city you came from, you need to go back to. You do not speed, nor do you pass on a double yellow line. It would have been nice if you wrapped that blue Jeep around a tree and I could just see you hanging there. At any rate, the next day a lady in a little gold Toyota passed me, under an overpass up in Bachelor Gulch. Wow. You almost got killed. Maybe it’s the water these people are drinking around here, but at any rate, winter is coming, and you people will be in ditches.Doing great workI just wanted to make a comment. I’m very annoyed by the people that keep complaining about the Road and Bridge Department Those people that are complaining should be thanking these people for saving lives, keeping our roads clear in the winter. I can’t say how many times those guys have been out there wiping all the mag chloride and everything else off the reflectors, and then I’m driving home through a whiteout and the only thing saving me in finding that road is those reflectors. I can’t thank the Road and Bridge Department enough. Thanks you guys, keep up the good work, ignore all the idiots.Out of touchWhen President Bush talks about the billions of dollars to rebuild New Orleans and to fight the war in Iraq, I wonder where exactly he thinks the money is coming from. I have personally given until it hurts at home and at the gas pumps. I can sympathize with the evacuees, but I can also qualify as the poor and downtrodden as I am only a few paychecks away from being homeless. Bush is totally out of touch with reality.Vail, Colorado

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