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Conspiracy theoryTwo completely different points. The first one is simply this, that the Vail Town Council should be embarrassed by the decision on Crossroads. I think if it was a Vail Resorts sponsored project it would have passed easily and we would have never seen a press release on it. I think it’s an embarrassment for the town that our council is so biased towards Vail Resorts and their particular projects. The second point which is completely different, which is about a year later, I’d like to say that I actually still like the flagpole that flies by the Wal-Mart and Home Depot. Although it was a person of foreign descent that put it there, I think it’s a great symbol for the valley. Mad about gasGas is $3.30 in Vail, $3.19 in Avon, $2.99 in Minturn, and $2.84 in Eagle. Is there a gas shortage? No. Are the oil companies greedy? Yes. Are the gas stations greedy? Yes. Let’s get the ethanol going so we can live a normal life and get off this …About timeAttention Avon residents, especially Wildridge residents. Order your bear-proof trash can for $150 from Honeywell Trash pickup before the Avon Police Department slaps you with a $900 ticket. Road rageMy name is Dennis and today I was heading eastbound on I-70 around Eagle-Vail and there was this blonde lady in a beat-up old gold BMW driving about 95 mph, cutting off traffic and nearly causing accidents. When I got to the West Vail exit, she just about caused a couple other accidents in the traffic circle and upset me and many other drivers. People like her need to be kept off the road.PricelessDear Mr. Cacioppo: I hope the Vail Daily is paying you a large sum of money to put your columns in the newspaper. They bring a lot of honesty, truth, and you keep all the idiots in line. But you know, I thought you were smart. What kind of article is it that the State Patrol is out of control? We’ve known that for years. That’s a no-brainer. …Vail, Colorado

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