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Center neededI’m calling with a tip about the conference center in Vail. I’m a seasonal employee working in Vail. I wholeheartedly support moving forward with this. I can’t believe the Town Council has to put it back to a vote again, but I will vote yes, and I hope you will too. It’s imperative for Vail’s economy that we get this conference center so people like me can stay in Vail and start working year round. I’m tired of having two months off in the spring and two months off in the fall, and the conference center will solve that seasonality. It will also make it so that we don’t have to be so dependent on skiing, because we all know that when there’s a bad snow year, we all suffer. So vote yes on the conference center, and I hope you all support it.Car-side mannerI was calling in about the police officers in Eagle County. I find it kind of funny how all the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office are nice people, easy to talk to, and yet the State Patrol are just a bunch of young punks, Gestapo-trained, who think they’re above everyone else in the valley because of that gun and badge. My tip is for them to wake up. … On any SundayI’d like to title this “dodging the price gouging.” Basically if we can get word out that no buy ing gas on Sundays. If nobody buys gas on Sundays then you can put a very big hurt on the gas companies. So basically, as many people as possible, don’t buy gas on Sundays. Also, don’t buy any gas from anybody who buys from Exxon. They’re a major dealer and if you can get their prices down, then it will cause a price war.Blame Katrina?I was calling about the cement shortage in the valley. I’m wondering if you could do a story about that. We’d appreciate it.Dragged alongAlthough it’s a gallant effort to bring animals that are left behind from Utah and animals that are left behind from the hurricane to Vail Valley, I find it quite interesting to see in your paper on Monday a pit bull dragging a fairly large young lady. She’s not walking the pit bull, she’s being dragged by the pit bull. Thanks a lot for bringing pit bulls to the valley. What a neat effort that is. Use your head when doing these things. …Driver’s edI’ve got a tip for this self-proclaimed driver’s ed teachers who taught us all the purposes of turn signals and rear view mirrors. I’d like to explain the need for seatbelts and speed limits, they’re to protect the law abiding citizens from reckless drivers like yourself. Next time you’re cutting off other motorists while talking on your cell phone and fixing your hair, keep in mind that you not only jeopardize your own safety, but more importantly, that of everyone else on the road. … ‘Till I’m tired of you’Here is the tip for all the clergy in the valley: You should change the wedding vows to “till death to us part” to “until things get tough or I get tired of you.” There seems to be a lack of morals and conviction in relationships bound by the sanctity of marriage. There seems to be a mass exodus from marriage in the valley. One partner quits or strays from the relationship. What kind of message is this sending to our youth? You can quit on any commitment you have made or when things get tough, quit? Most marriages end because of one partner’s selfishness and disrespect towards their partner. The excuses are they’re controlling. These people really don’t know what controlling is. The famous “I love them but I’m not in love with them.” Why. Because you quit? The last reason shows more than any the lack of morals, conviction and respect. Hopefully these people are wealthy and don’t need to work. If they cannot show morals, conviction and respect in a relationship, how can they be trusted as an employee or for contract work? They are the only ones losing the respect of the community. I am happily married, and my husband has his faults, but he’s fantastic.Vail, Colorado

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