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Education criticSo I was reading where one of our local high schools it taking a proactive approach towards teaching students the words to the national anthem, and the history behind it. Here’s a novel idea. Why not teach students subject matter, like civics, geography, U.S. history, and even grammar. Then perhaps a typical high school student might be able to locate a place like Vietnam, or tell us which U.S. president abolished slavery. No wait, forget that. that’s just not politically correct enough, or hip enough, for today’s cutting-edge educational system.Saved the dayI just wanted to say kudos to Matthew of Eye Pieces Vail. On Sunday Oktoberfest some very not-caring person left a little dog named Cotton tied to a chair for hours outside in the sun. Matthew and a few other concerned people thought this dog was abandoned or lost. He took it in, we got food for it, compliments of Mountain Dog, who pitched in, and finally the person came wandering very unconcerned about four hours later looking for this dog. They should be ashamed of themselves for leaving this dog tied to a chair all afternoon in the hot sun. It was a puppy. But Matthew at Eye Pieces really saved the day for this dog and I just wanted to say kudos to Matthews and maybe a scum alert to the people who left a white dog named Cotton tied to a chair all day in the hot sun.Too much to ask?This tip is in response to a tip in the Tipsline on Sept. 20 regarding “Get a grip.” My response is titled, “Because I care.” I made the sign for the inconsiderate dog owner because I care. I care about my two small children who play in the front yard, I care about the appearance of my property and my neighborhood. As far as Hurricane Katrina, I made monetary contributions to the Red Cross immediately after the tragedy, because I care. When someone is asked to pick up after their dog, it’s not because I can’t, it’s because dog owners have a responsibility to their neighbors and the community. Sorry if it’s too much to ask. Signed, a neighbor who cares.Right thing for VailI’m a Vail business person calling about the conference center. I just wanted to say that since I’ve been in the Vail Valley, my peers in the business community have talked about that if we were able to get more business into Vail during the shoulder seasons and summertime, that is how we will all be truly successful in our business operations. Well now we have the opportunity to do that with a new conference center, and we can do that without costing Vail taxpayers any additional money. I’m supporting the new conference center, and I hope that the business community in Vail will join me in that support. It’s definitely the right thing for Vail. Vail, Colorado

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