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Can’t print thatI just read the column Mike Cacioppo wrote about the State Patrol and think that it was really wrong of you guys to print that in the newspaper. Obviously Mike does not like the State Patrol and he thinks it’s OK to speed because he uses a radar detector. That’s his own choice. But by putting that article in the paper it makes all of us think that those at the Vail Daily think the same things. I know there is such a thing as “freedom of the press,” but when our teenagers read columns like that, they think it’s cool to speed and make fun of the police. Really bad choice.Scoop it upHey DOG OWNERS. There have been multiple complaints about us lately. We’re getting a bad rap. Let’s change that. Everyone is complaining about the dog doo that’s left around on trails. We’ve all been in a situation where we haven’t seen our dog go, or have been caught without a bag. Maybe we can all make a concerted effort. We could do a poop patrol. There are plenty of bags for us to use. We could grab two or three, put one on our hand as a picker upper and one as the container, pick up what we see. I’m not suggesting we go bush whacking, just grab what is visible. Dog ownership is a responsibility, and just like having children, we need to clean up after them. Just because you have a small dog doesn’t mean you don’t have to pick it up, it just means it’s easier to pick up. Let’s see what we can do to change our bad reputation. And FYI to those of you complaining, not all dog owners are irresponsible and rude. Call the prosI was just reading the article regarding the mountain pine beetle issues. I was just wondering, since when are firefighters giving assessment on tree conditions? There are several certified arborists in the valley that could also give an assessment for mountain pine beetle. There are at least two certified arborists within A Cut Above Forestry and the owner-operator of Eagle Tree and Lawn is also a certified arborist, and I’m sure that they would be happy to also give an assessment for any mountain pine beetle condition. Conference centerHi, this is Robert calling from Verbatim Booksellers, and I just wanted everyone to know that Verbatim sees a lot of business people attending conferences in our store. When we greet them and ask them where they’re from or what they’re doing here, there’s doctors, accountants, all different kinds of people that come for different conferences, and I’d like to see this grow, especially in the off-season. So I would like to say that I hope people do vote for the conference center, and remember, it’s not a convention center, it’s a conference center, and we need these conferences, especially in the off season. That’s all I have to say for today. Have a great day.On my propertyIn response to the Tipsline about staying off the Eagle-Vail Golf Course, there certainly are some explanations for that, some reasons behind it. But more importantly, why don’t we keep the golfers out of our yards? I’ve had my house on this golf course as long as it’s been there, and golfers still drive through my yard, play out of my yard, so I’ll go onto the golf course if I feel like it because they go on my property if they feel like it. DamageI guess Arn and Peter are feeling downright giddy about helping use our money to acquire the Eaton Ranch property that was already protected, and now they want to further damage our real estate market by additional government interference in the form of a moratorium. What’s up with them?Vail, Colorado

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