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What labor shortage?I’m calling regarding your article concerning the Vail Resorts offer of jobs to gulf coast employees, and I really must say as a 10-year, full-time resident that I believe that Rick Smith, the vice president of human resources for Vail Resorts, I honestly think he has lost his mind. We have so many local people that are looking for jobs and trying to support themselves that I think maybe a better idea would be for Rick Smith to offer his position to someone who’s qualified in the Mississippi/Louisiana area. I think maybe they can make a sizeable financial donation to Red Cross. …School trafficThis in regards to dropping kids off at Avon Elementary. How about if you people that live over at Sunridge walk your kids off instead of clogging up everything and being discourteous and leaving your cars in fire lanes. How about if we get somebody out there directing traffic from the school, and how about if that police officer that sits in his car looking at his computer the whole time during the morning rush actually got out and did something. This is Joe Cambry from Edwards. Please print it.Pot and kettleHi there. I was reading the letter to the editor on Thursday from Scott Winnigrad in Eagle. What a typical, uneducated liberal. He’s complaining about John Roberts saying he’s been savvy, he’s been ducking questions, but he gives no details, nothing, like he’s just making it up as he goes. Give some details, Scott, so we can try to believe you.Support MinturnI’m calling to thank all the consumers who still continue to support Minturn businesses. Yes, Minturn is still alive and well. There are many shops leaving, yes, but I am sure those vacant spaces will fill up soon with wonderful, exciting companies. There’s a yarn shop, Christmas shop, consignment store, and a new party and Halloween store and many excellent restaurants, to name a few. Yes, Edwards is drawing a lot of attention, but don’t forget to support the hard-working individuals who own shops in Minturn. Just visit the Minturn Web site. The Vail Daily supports the Minturn Market in the summer. They should not go away after the market, and should try to give Minturn and businesses in Minturn better write-ups all year round. Please support the businesses in Minturn. MoratoriumsThis message is for Mr. Menconi. I think before you put a smoking ban, you ought to drive in from Eagle and look at Edwards one day. You’ve got to focus on cleaning up the air and air pollution there. You could have a million people smoking in one area and not have that big of a mess. Also, as far as putting a moratorium on building, I think we ought to put a moratorium on Arn’s goofy ideas.Need a muzzleThis is to the person calling in regarding the “fairly large young lady” being dragged by the pit bull. 1. That lady weights 115 pounds. 2. That’s not a pit bull. Clearly you have a vision problem. … Vail, Colorado

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