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Already goneThis is for Mr. Runyon and Mr. Menconi, our county commissioners. … As far as putting a moratorium on new subdivisions, geez look at it. We’ve already ruined every calving ground for elk between here and Gypsum, and now you’re worried about the petty little things. There’s already 20,000 too many people in the valley. A lot of these homes are second homes. Come on, get in the game.I was rightTo the man driving the gray van on Beaver Dam Road recently. He is was in the wrong. He was speeding and he jumped out of his van and told me I was an idiot because I was walking on the wrong side of the road. I was walking facing oncoming traffic, and that is what walkers are supposed to do. At any speedIf you guys think it’s safer to go 45 than 55 on Highway 6 through Arrowhead, then it isn’t safe enough to pull out of your driveway, in my opinion.IrrelevantI can’t believe the Vail Chamber has officially taken a neutral stand on the Vail Conference Center. How can a local chamber avoid taking a position on a business decision as important as this? Pro or con, the vote will dramatically affect the business community in Vail. This is just another example of how irrelevant the Vail Chamber is to business in Vail.Pull overThis tip is to all you who don’t know that you are supposed to get off of the highway for emergency vehicles. … You see lights, pull over. I hope whoever were the people who didn’t get out of the way of the ambulance, it wasn’t someone in your family who needed that ambulance. Why?I’m sitting here looking at the Internet, and prices in Texas are ranging from $2.40 to $2.60 a gallon and that’s where the danger is and the shortage of fuel. Why are the prices up to $3.50 here in the Vail Valley? Just wondering.Safety issueThis tip is about the people that go up Cottonwood Pass and use is as an open space shooting range. I was walking my dog up there, and there was a gentleman and his wife and their son, who was probably about 12 years old. I and my dogs had blaze orange on, and we had been hiking up that dirt road that winds up the pass. We came down, heard the shots. … I whistled to let them know I was in the area, and I came up right behind the kid. … He fired his weapon pointed away from me but still in a trajectory that easily could have hit somebody winding down the road further up the mountain. I mentioned this to the father, who was very unconcerned and got back in my face and said this is public land, we can do what we want. Yeah, maybe that’s true, you can do what you want on public land, but if somebody else dies as a result of your poor choices, I would think that would warrant some heavy thinking. So I would just wish that people would think about where they’re using public lands for a target range, and think about where a road might be, and people walking. If I see that man up there again, I’m going to call the police. …Step up I have a child who’s on Medicaid. I have to drive all the way to Glenwood to take him to go to the dentist, or a doctor. We have dental professionals in this valley that make a ton of money, doctors in this valley that make a ton of money, and they can’t bring their services to help the people in this valley that work here that can barely survive, and I think that’s B.S. I think doctors and dentists should step up to the plate. Vail, Colorado

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