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There for a reasonThis is just a tip for the drivers in Eagle County. They actually put blinkers and mirrors on cars to use them, so please quit driving in the fast lane on the interstate. Take Highway 6 so you can get in all that congestion and nightmares with all the people who drive 30 on the highway, but the highway is a form of transportation. We’re not speeding when we’re going 75 in the fast lane and someone else is sitting there going 60. …Ripe for floodingI just wanted to say that I’m astounded that the FEMA, which is under the guidance of our Homeland Security Department, is not seeing the amazing ability of terrorists to reflood New Orleans. All you need is a couple sticks of dynamite on the Mississippi levee and that city’s gone again, and it’s just amazing that you’re talking about rebuilding this thing.Tax the starsHey Tipsline. I’ve got an idea. Let’s tax all the pro athletes and all the entertainers, all of which are way overpaid Let’s tax them a bit, 3-4 percent to help pay for Katrina and Rita. I think that would be a good way to do it instead of all these poor people taking money out of our pockets, cutting government funding and stuff.A class actI just learned that an old friend, Frank Caroselli, has passed away. Many of you never knew him or even remembered him but Frank was a class act and brilliant to boot. He was a real concerned citizen and cared for Vail to the utmost. The Kittay family will miss him. Blank check?This is Jim from Minturn. I just read Cynthia Lepthian’s letter titled “C and D.” I totally disagree with Ms. Lepthian. The TABOR Amendment was passed to make governments responsible for the way they collect and distribute tax dollars. In other words, taxation with representation. You state that it corrects the ratchet effect of TABOR. There is no ratchet effect if our state Legislature does their job correctly and allocates the monies properly. I think it’s embarrassing that our governor and our state representatives are asking us to forgive them for doing such a lousy job of collecting and distributing tax dollars, then sugar-coating it by saying the monies will go to schools, colleges, roads, health care and the one that really gets me, to fund bonds for infrastructure expenditures on Referendum D. Isn’t that a blank check? We only have to look at the sorry state that our federal government is in as far as the deficit. I know I can’t overdraw my bank account without consequences, yet our federal government does it into trillions of dollars. Don’t be fooled. Referendums C and D will let our state representatives off the hook. We elected them to do a good job, not to bungle it up and then ask us to forgive them with this embarrassing referendum. President Roosevelt said the buck stops here. Make sure our state representatives understand that. Vote against these embarrassing referendums. P.S. I’m an independent voter.Need signsTragically, another hiker is missing on Mount of the Holy Cross, and we pray for her safe return, but could this tragedy have been avoided? At least one hiker is lost on Holy Cross each year, and hours of manpower spent on these searches. This is a wilderness, and you take your own risk. I suggest placing a sign at the trailhead stating the statistics of the number of people that have been lost on the trail, what to do if lost, and how to avoid ending up in the Cross Creek drainage. Also, I suggest some trail signs leading back to the Half Moon Trail from the summit. I know that this is contrary to the ecos of the wilderness, but if it saves lives and keeps helicopters out of the wilderness, the positive would outweigh the negative. Besides, if George W. has his way, there will be roads leading back there in a few years, so what’s a few signs?Don’t hide… The next time you want to make a statement and preach to us about how to make an argument, perhaps you will consider doing so in the same forum that the initial argument was made. That forum was the letters to the editor. As you have chosen this forum, I am responding in kind. How convenient, as you do not have to mention your name. … Come out from the shadows, and I’ll be happy to debate this issue with you. … With regard to taking the time to state out the details for my argument against Roberts, I was under the impression that most readers had heard the details during the countless reports on the issue. …Vail, Colorado

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