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How about us?I read in the paper that a few weeks ago Red Hill Elementary had 72 kindergartners enrolled and was in the process of adding a fourth kindergarten class to accommodate them. At Brush Creek Elementary, they have 71 kindergartners, but are in no process of hiring an additional kindergarten teacher. They have their 71 kids divided between three teachers, and I’m wondering why that is. Should stopWhen Eagle County goes smoke-free this November, the surrounding towns should go smoke-free and just conform. We shouldn’t spend money on an issue that will pass. If you smoke, you know that it’s bad, it should be done outside, and you should not be harming everyone who works in the restaurant business, or anyone who wants to bring a family into a restaurant. If you’re stupid enough to smoke, you should be smart enough to go outside. It’s such a bad habit, and people should not be allowed to smoke inside, they should not be able to blow their smoke in other people’s faces. … Everyone should stop smoking.Dropping spikesThis is to the guy who drove up in a white pickup truck too fast and lost some of his equipment, including a box of really hard metal spikes, and did not bother to stop and look at what he lost. Luckily I ran up there and cleared off the road. Otherwise several people probably would have had damaged tires or flats. Vail, Colorado

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