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So, what happened?Hey Tipsline. Inquiring minds want to know. Did the young man who walked in on his girlfriend cheating on him ever get his grandfather’s bathrobe back? … I was just curious if it was ever returned.Tipping warsThis is to the person complaining about having to tip 18 percent on the 50 percent off meals going on. My advice to you is stay home. You call the restaurants greedy. You are the greedy one, going out to dinner and feeling that you shouldn’t have to tip. Once again, stay home.Too localSitting here reading the Daily. No sports in the paper; it’s all local? Come on, you guys, get real. Lots of football and baseball going on, there’s not one word in the Daily today. Let’s get with it.Wild lawsThis is to the ignorant person who called in “Back off.” Your information was pretty accurate until the end. The fact that you stated that a bear can tell the difference between an empty trash can and a full can is a bit off. An animal is guided to the trash can by the smell, not whether it’s empty or it’s full. The town of Avon had a great wildlife ordinance that would save the people from the bears and the bears from the people. Unfortunately they weakened it because the powers that be with the money in Wildridge complained. I would like to the town of Avon not let bear resistant cans out earlier, because it negates the entire idea of having a wildlife ordinance. A bear will still be attracted to an empty trash can. So town of Avon, step up to the plate. Don’t be persuaded by the rich folks, and put the town wildlife ordinance back the way it was.Roadwork rageI live down in Eagle and they just started tearing up this road down here. They blocked off the entire road for a week, and there was no traffic through it whatsoever, and they weren’t even doing work on the part of the road that they had blocked off. So I now have to drive two blocks around just to get to my house, when they’re tearing up right next door. They also start at 7:30 in the morning, tractors, trucks, everything, and then they stop at about 8:30. So my concern is why don’t they just start at about 9 o’clock. If they’re going to take a little breakfast break and come back to work, they could just start a little later instead of waking me up because I work until 3 in the morning. Also, there’s like four town of Eagle trucks out there and about six guys standing there with their hands in their pockets. I know my tax dollars are going to pay their salary. … Article was fineThe Home Tour review did not miss its mark. The article was fine. There was nothing wrong with it. If you have a bunch of homeowners that want to put their places up on display, they take the chance of running the risk of being criticized or made fun of a little bit. That’s a shame that you feel that you need to apologize for that article.Lack of respectI would like to bring to the attention of all homeowners in Bachelor Gulch, and additionally, all Eagle County residents alike, the continuing unjust treatment of wildlife here in Bachelor Gulch. The most recent occurrence referring to the destruction of two black bears and counting in the Elkhorn vicinity at the request of a moronic homeowner reacting to the repeated visitations by a family of bears who evidently have an old thoroughfare path adjacent to the new home territory of this idiot’s $10 million house. I thought most of these homeowners had a profound respect and appreciation for the usual bear visitations and break-ins, even with the occasional destruction of personal property. Deterrent measures are one thing, outright killing is another. Come on people, wake up to the facts. This land is first the home and territory of all wildlife and a policy of tolerance must be demanded, along with prevention measures such as have been brought to everyone’s attention regarding garbage removal, dog food, bird food, closing doors and windows, etc. If you’re not adequately endowed with the intelligence and vision of respect regarding the precious wildlife we have in our midst, then go back to whatever city dwelling hole you crawled out of, and count traffic. Good riddance to the small mindedness you demonstrate, or pay the price.Oh, pleaseAlex Miller’s article on the Home Tour was perfect. There was nothing wrong with that, nothing to be ashamed of. Mr. Pope should be ashamed of having to bow to the pressure of the homeowners and write an apology article. It’s pathetic.Vail, Colorado

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