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Soulda run, thenBoy, are we in a load of trouble. It is no surprise that we have an excess of kindergartners. Look at the migration alone to Eagle and Gypsum. Too many kindergartners in one class is a red flag. Our school board does not realize there’s a problem until it’s too late, then they rush together at the 11th hour to try and fix it. They don’t even realize that all these kindergartners will not have room at Eagle Valley High eight, nine years from now. So, for all you parents with kindergartners this year, please realize a few things. Our school board has blindfolds on. Our superintendent, Mr. John Brendza, not only skirts around important issues, but loves to surround himself with individuals with no backbone to address certain topics. Why else do you think these supervisors and principals do not go to bat for their employees, or the kids they see every day. It is very sad that our children are not important enough to address issues such as overcrowding in a timely manner. It is even more disturbing that Eagle County does not encourage more teacher employment. They would rather tell their teachers that not only are you not important, neither is class size. So here’s our TAP program, take it or leave it. Sick to your stomach yet? …Don’t tell meThis is to the person who complained that I should stay home because I don’t want to tip 18 percent on 50 percent retail in a restaurant. No. You should get another job, dude. That’s not the point. If you read the piece and retained it, then you would understand that tipping is not mandatory in the USA. So your employer should raise your hourly for the time he’s offering 50 percent off, and then I would tip my normal 20 percent, but I am not going to be told what to tip in a restaurant, even though I tip 20 percent and I could get the worst service. So if you read the article a little better, maybe you should stay home and take a lesson in comprehension.No control thereI’ve read with sickened amusement about the Forest Service propaganda about the use of the controlled burns and controlled beetle epidemics in the valley. They keep talking about 2002, the let-burn policy on the Flattops. Wasn’t 2002 an extreme drought year, and for some reason that fire got away from them? Apparently they didn’t read their computer analysis enough. Maybe they need to get out in the woods and figure out how to control fires instead of sitting in the office figuring out how to not fight fires. There’s an extreme coverup going on within the Forest Service dating back to 1994.Vail, Colorado

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