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Colorado doesn’t have a water shortage. Colorado’s population explosion is in large a result of overpopulated, high immigration, states sending their traumatized natives who then add to the rapidly growing numbers of legal and illegal aliens now calling Colorado home. In the last 30 years, the U.S. has grown more than a third. 83 million new Americans, and 70 percent of that resource depleting growth was immigration driven. Because of overpopulation pressures, 25% of the underground aquifers of the U.S. are now recharging at their natural rates, with some becoming extinct. What reasons might we write and put into a time capsule for Colorado’s future generations to understand why we bequeath to them an environmentally exhausted squirming human pile-on of a state. Colorado is full. Mass immigration is not smart growth.

Still watering?

This watering business bugs me. Here we are with a serious water situation. How many folks have reduced their watering days and time? 1. If you water twice a week for 20 minutes each your lawn will survive. It won’t be telltale green, however. 2. If you cut your lawn once every two weeks and don’t cut it too short, it will survive. So, try it. You’ll even reduce your water bill and your lawn maintenance time. And if you lose your grass, plant rocks.


It was sad to read about Jody Smack running against Jody Carruthers for Eagle County assessor. I’m certain that someone has set her up to fail, and shame on them. Carruthers has spent a lifetime in Eagle County and witnessed the changes that have taken place. I know who will get my vote, and the public is somewhat intelligent, and they will do likewise. We don’t need someone new to make us appreciate what we have had. We’ve been down that road.

You erred

I’m calling about Don Rogers’ Quick Takes on Page A-17, Wednesday, May 29th issue about the lucky kid. First of all, the downvalley ambulance district is called the Western Eagle County Ambulance District, and it’s not Cripple Creek Pass, it’s Crooked Creek Pass. I wish you would do your research before you put in any kind of information in your paper. It’s something that seems to be lacking several times.


I’m calling in to say to our hoity-toity snobs in Eagle County you’ve got I-70, the noise is too great; you’ve got the bubble, which is way too ugly. I’m sure you’d rather be looking at the highway, and then you’ve got the half diamond, our newest snobbish controversy. Look what you’ve done to Eagle County. You’ve overloaded it with people, growth, and people who don’t belong in this country. Then you build a gated community to keep the people who don’t belong in this country out of your community, along with the other slobs that built your house. Your pristine house that you spend two weeks in out of the year. C’mon. This half diamond is only going to help things out, I would think. It’s hard to say, though.

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